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Audac Releases MFA Series All-in-One Solution

Audac MFA Series All-in-One Solution
(Image credit: AUDAC)

The What: Audac has introduced its MFA2xx multi-functional amplifiers, an all-in-one audio solution designed for small- to medium-sized installations that need the functionality of a comprehensive audio system with minimal financial investment.

The What Else: Compatible with Audac Touch 2 and an integrated SourceCon input slot in the amplifier, the MFA series is available in output powers of 80 or 160 Watts—making it flexible for numerous applications. The MFA features a line-out connection, creating the possibility for scaling the output power to meet both small- and large-scale project requirements. Users can create one large zone or add a second stereo zone using the line out, where individual input and volume control can be controlled through the front panel, TCP/IP, or Audac Touch 2.

The Bottom Line: Equipped with the WaveDynamics audio processing technology, advanced acoustic configurations can be set-up and controlled via the Audac WaveDynamics configurator. 

A.C. ProMedia will be managing the sales, distribution, and service of the complete AUDAC product line in North America from their offices in Toronto.


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