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AtlasIED Launches Analog Wall Mount Mic/Line Bluetooth Mixer

AtlasIED has launched the WTSD-MIX31K, an indoor/outdoor analog wall-mount mixer.
(Image credit: AtlasIED)

The What: AtlasIED has launched the WTSD-MIX31K, an indoor/outdoor analog wall-mount mixer. 

The What Else: The MIX31K features a balanced microphone/line input and an auxiliary 3.5mm and Bluetooth summed input with a balanced line output. It utilizes commercial-grade Bluetooth technology featuring ultra-low noise levels, long-range connectivity, no auto-connect and a quick disconnect bump feature. Selection between mic or line level for the XLR input is done via a front-panel switch. The high-gain mic inputs incorporate user-enabled phantom power for condenser microphones and a 125Hz low-cut filter to eliminate unwanted low-frequency interference. A local mute button mutes output to the bus and a system priority button can mute building-wide BGM systems to isolate the room. An adjustable VOX feature allows for AUX input background audio to be muted when announcing is present.

The Bottom Line: The WTSD-MIX31 is part of AtlasIED’s Time Saving Devices (TSD) line and is engineered to enhance installation flexibility and scalability for commercial AV integrators.