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Are you reaching the “new normal” student? (eCampus News)

"According to the National Center for Education Statistics, 62 percent of undergraduate students, described as the “new normal,” have at least one nontraditional characteristic such as being a first-generation student, having at least one dependent, or working either full or part time. As leaders in higher education modeling and delivery, we must foster flexible structures that expand access to higher education for the 31 million Americans who have some college credit but no degree. At Arizona State University (ASU), we’re exploring new pathways to reach the changing demographics of today’s students."—Source: eCampus News

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"Nontraditional" students have become the norm in higher ed today. How is your institution serving the needs of these students? Flexibility and accessibility are good places to start, but you should also take into account the unique needs and expectations of students who don't fit the "traditional" mold.