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Abre Seeing Rapid Growth as It Focuses on Better Connecting the Community and the School is streamlining and simplifying education software in schools to enable staff, parents, and now community partners to focus on student growth. As the edtech company has grown the number of schools adopting the platform significantly through its second full year of operations, its focus has expanded to strengthen the connections between schools and the communities they serve. (Image credit: Abre)

“It is well understood by education researchers that a significant amount of student growth is attributable to influences coming from outside the classroom,” said Abre’s co-founder and VP of product, Chris Rose.  “We’re developing capabilities to better connect the community and the school.”

At the center of these efforts is the Abre Community solution. The keystone feature of the solution allows community learning partners—any organization that engages students outside of the classroom—to register as a learning partner, roster their students back to the school, and submit attendance and notes. Abre facilitates the secure, authorized release of selected student information to then be exchanged.  

“The value for schools is that they can now see which students are engaged in which programs. And they can begin to assess the impact of the various programs on student growth,” Rose added.  

Learning partners also benefit. Providing the school with the ability to provide data back to the organization, the learning partner can evaluate and improve their own programs. For some learning partners, showing evidence of impact on student growth enables them access to additional grants, which, in turn, allows them to expand their programs to more students.

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