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A Marathon Sprint: How Higher Education Is Responding to COVID-19 (EDUCAUSE Review)

"The COVID-19 pandemic abruptly upended higher education (along with K–12 education, sports, travel, the market for toilet paper, and seemingly every other aspect of our lives and routines). Campuses closed, sending most students, faculty, and staff to learn and teach and work from their homes, many of which were suddenly also occupied full-time by spouses, partners, children, siblings, and other family members, all vying for some privacy and the hardware and bandwidth to participate in the grand, unplanned foray into entirely remote education and work."—Source: EDUCAUSE Review

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This piece from EDUCAUSE Review collects responses from a recent webinar. In it, a panel comprised of four campus IT leaders shared their insights and outlook for higher ed and the importance of incorporating flexibility, now and in the future.