The Technology Manager's Guide to Conference Rooms

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The Technology Manager's Guide to Conference Rooms

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The Shift to IT-Centric Platforms

As new meeting spaces are being designed, the IT department has become an equal partner in making decisions as to the AV equipment responsible for communications that is specified. 

Designing for Intelligible Audio

Whether next to an airport, a highway, or the lunchroom, every space presents different acoustic challenges. Distracting ambient or outside noises bleed into meeting rooms from other parts of the office because of too many hard, reflective surfaces and audio reverberates noisily around a room. Challenges are seemingly limitless. 

Advancements in Smart Video Capture

With the growth in remote work and the changing dynamics of workplaces, the need for high-quality videoconferencing is greater than ever. Recent camera technology developments are more cost-effective than predecessors and are making it possible to outfit all meeting spaces with that experience.

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