The Nine 2019: Brandon Breznick

Brandon Breznick, Premier Mounts
Brandon Breznick

Name: Brandon Breznick

Title: Associate Communications Manager

Company: Premier Mounts

Twitter: @BrandonBreznick

Location: Corona, CA

Overtime: Outside of the office, Breznick likes to spend time surfing, playing golf, and watching Twitch.

Why You Need to Know Him: Brandon Breznick, 24, is hungry and eager to play his role in pushing the AV industry forward with his creative vision. 

“The biggest reason I am so passionate about the AV industry is because I want more people to take notice about how large-scale AV projects come together. Many of my friends and colleagues that I graduated with were interested in working in ‘the tech industry’ upon graduating; none, however, were interested in AV,” said Breznick. “After spending time in the industry and understanding the technical expertise that it takes for successful ventures to come together, I believe that young graduates would be extremely interested in AV jobs if there was better marketing to help spread the message and capabilities that the industry offers.”

Window Shopping: Breznick worked a retail job while in school studying marketing. With a can-do, customer-service approach, Breznick would often “drop everything” to help his regular customers—one of whom happened to be Tiffany Dozier, Premier Mounts’ vice president of sales. Dozier invited him to tour Premier Mounts’ headquarters, which is just down the street from Breznick’s alma mater. During his visit there, he sat down with Curtis Rose, the company’s marketing director, who presented an opportunity to work in marketing at Premier Mounts. “I jumped on it immediately,” Breznick recalled.  

But Breznick hasn’t given up the retail mindset. “When working in retail, there is always a degree of selling that needs to happen,” he said. “The biggest takeaway that I got was that there always needs to be a focus on the customer experience. Whenever a customer has a great experience, they will likely return for a purchase in the future.”

He has the opportunity to create plenty of user experiences in his role. He works hard to share customer success stories with the company’s PR firm and handles Premier Mounts’ tradeshow booth. Working with others to create marketing buzz, Breznick is tasked with reeling users in and then helping spread the company’s messaging and showcase its capabilities.

Keeping Current: One of Breznick’s secrets to staying current with AV industry trends is by being active on social media. “The #AVTweeps community has completely blown me away,” he said. “I was amazed that so many people were able to continuously contribute to discussions such as #AVintheAM and offer perspectives from their own expertise and experiences.”

As a bonus, Breznick has forged many relationships over Twitter as people have provided glimpses into their lives. “I soon knew which individuals loved baseball and which individuals loved garlic-flavored foods, just like me!”

“I welcome anyone and everyone who would want to connect with me on any social media platforms and in real life,” concluded Breznick. “In my role, I am constantly meeting new people and I am always intrigued by the stories that they have to tell. So please connect with me as I would love to learn more about you and your thoughts on the AV industry!”

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Megan A. Dutta

Megan A. Dutta is a pro AV industry journalist, and the former content director for Systems Contractor News (SCN) and Digital Signage Magazine, both Future U.S. publications. Dutta previously served as the marketing communications manager at Peerless-AV, where she led the company’s marketing and communications department. Dutta is the recipient of AVIXA's 2017 Young AV Professional Award and Women in Consumer Technology's 2018 Woman to Watch Award. Dutta is co-founder of Women of Digital Signage, an organization designed to provide a pathway to promote networking, mentoring, and personal growth.