The Nine 2022: Shameka Dunbar

Shameka Dunbar
(Image credit: Future)

Title: Director of Audio-Visual Services

Location: Houston, TX

Overtime: Dunbar has been a DJ for the past 10 years and is an advocate for Caribbean Soca music. She is also naturally drawn to nature and is happiest when surrounded by water, lakes, and beaches.

Why You Need to Know Her: Shameka Dunbar has an eye for targeting potential problems and her experience in AV sales, engineering, design, and marketing allows her to develop innovative solutions, no matter the situation.

If you asked her, Dunbar would tell you she basically fell into the AV industry when her local church needed live production assistance and intrigue led her to raise her hand to help. Through this work, she decided to transition out of working in the oil and gas industry and make the leap to become an AV technician with local system integrator, DataVox.

Once I see goals are being achieved and more opportunities are created for the next person to shine, then I know I am doing something right in this industry.

“I didn't know AV was actually a thing, much less a name, until I discovered the industry back in 2016 when I decided to make that transition,” said Dunbar. DataVox quickly noticed her talent and promoted her to an AV visual system design specialist—and as she said, it went quickly up from there.

Over the past five years, Dunbar has worked in systems engineering for a number of technology and media companies, helping her make connections that have heightened her brand and overall skillset. Recently, she worked as the director of AV services for LyncVerse Technologies, leading the management of their AV department and helping to set goals, develop overall strategy, and identify potential risks for their enterprise business. She is currently transitioning to a new position, and made it clear the Pro AV industry can expect exciting things from her in the near future, including a desire to further her career in manufacturing with a focus on products and audio.

The experience she has had in the Pro AV industry has allowed her to build a career in which each day is different. “I have the opportunity to take part in many roles embedded into one,” she said. “In one day, I could be doing product management, project management, solutions architect, or promotion through writing newsletters about current AV trends.”

Being in a position to help create and guide the development of these roles has not only been rewarding for her, but she believes doors are being opened for those currently working their way up in the industry. “Once I see goals are being achieved and more opportunities are created for the next person to shine, then I know I am doing something right in this industry,” she said.

When looking at the future of the industry, Dunbar feels the opportunities are limitless and if there is something you want, don’t hesitate. “Always go after what you want,” she noted. “If you find yourself wanting to pursue other areas in AV, by all means go for it! Taking that one step can make a world of a difference.”

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Jennifer is a freelance writer and marketing consultant based in the New York City area. Within the AV industry, Jennifer loves to explore how technology can alter the world around us, creating immersive experiences unlike any other. She has years of experience working with AV integrators, manufacturers, and event production companies in developing engaging content to increase their overall awareness.