The Nine 2022: Meet 9 Pro AV Superstars

The Nine 2022
(Image credit: Future)

Introducing The Nine, our annual list of young, budding superstars making their presence felt in the Pro AV landscape. They may not have superpowers, but these individuals are accomplishing great things in the industry. Read on learn more about our 2022 class.

Omer Brookstein

The Nine

(Image credit: Xyte)

Title: CEO and Co-Founder

Company: Xyte

Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

Why You Need to Know Him: Omer Brookstein represents a generation within the Pro AV industry that has a strong understanding of workplace technologies and traditional AV, while also having a focus on modern, cloud-based software applications that will drive innovation within our industry for decades to come.

Learn more about Omer here.

Brittany DiCesare

The Nine

(Image credit: Control Concepts)

Title: Account Manager

Company: Control Concepts, Inc.

Location: Amissville, VA

Why You Need to Know Her: Brittany DiCesare has a keen understanding of business, workflows, and relationships—and never shies away from a challenge, especially when it comes to learning something new or developing additional skills. “I’m able to easily switch between big picture and granular levels, when necessary, which allows me to be involved in both vision and operational conversations,” she explained. “Above all those things, I strive to be an equal member of a team that encourages, challenges, and helps inspire people to greatness.”

Learn more about Brittany here.

Shameka Dunbar

The Nine

(Image credit: Shameka Dunbar)

Title: Director of Audio-Visual Services

Location: Houston, TX

Why You Need to Know Her: Shameka Dunbar has an eye for targeting potential problems and her experience in AV sales, engineering, design, and marketing allows her to develop innovative solutions, no matter the situation.

Learn more about Shameka here.

Joshua Foster

The NIne

(Image credit: Indiana University)

Title: Manager, Learning Space Design

Company: Indiana University

Location: Bloomington, IN

Why You Need to Know Him: In an industry where technology advances rapidly, Joshua Foster makes it a priority to seek out the latest technology for Indiana University’s students, teachers, and staff.

Learn more about Joshua here.

Jennifer Goodyer

The Nine

(Image credit: RTSales)

Title: Sales Manager

Company: RTSales

Location: Boca Raton, FL

Why You Need to Know Her: Through her involvement with the AVIXA Women’s Council, Jennifer Goodyer, CTS is working to make the Pro AV industry more welcoming for women.

Learn more about Jennifer here.

Peter Hansen

The Nine

(Image credit: AVIXA)

Title: Economist

Company: AVIXA

Location: Fairfax, VA

Why You Need to Know Him: Peter Hansen is a man of action. Since 2018, he’s been an economist with AVIXA, the association that produces InfoComm. But he’s not content with crunching numbers—he wants to conduct research that makes a difference for Pro AV professionals.

Learn more about Peter here.

Brian Pickowitz

The Nine

(Image credit: LEA Professional)

Title: Vice President of Marketing

Company: LEA Professional

Location: South Bend, IN

Why You Need to Know Him: Brian Pickowitz joined LEA Professional when the company opened its doors in 2019. His work in both marketing and product development has seen the company experience explosive growth, even with the challenges presented during a global pandemic.

Learn more about Brian here.

Gregoire Rouyer

The Nine

(Image credit: Amazon)

Title: Global Broadcast Partner Lead

Company: Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Why You Need to Know Him: Gregoire Rouyer has used his analytical engineering skills to help others along his career journey. “I love finding technical solutions to business problems brought to me by customers," Rouyer explained. "It’s something that motivates me every day.”

Learn more about Gregoire here.

Shane Springer

The Nine

(Image credit: Zoom)

Title: Technical Sales Architect

Company: Zoom

Location: Ann Arbor, MI

Why You Need to Know Him: Shane Springer is a tireless tinkerer, who is constantly discovering many new ways to operate, innovate, and create in his field. "I'm a chronic improver. I'm always looking for ways that something can get 1% better,” Springer said. “If you do that every day, there's no limit to the progress you can make."

Learn more about Shane here.

Wayne Cavadi
Senior Content Manager

Wayne Cavadi is the senior content manager of Systems Contractor News. Prior to taking a leap into the Pro AV industry, Wayne was a journalist and content lead for Turner Sports, covering the NCAA, PGA, and Major and Minor League Baseball. His work has been featured in a variety of national publications including Bleacher Report, Lindy's Magazine, and The Advocate. When not writing, he hosts the DII Nation Podcast, committed to furthering the stories and careers of NCAA Division II student-athletes. Follow his work on Twitter at @WayneCavadi_2 or the SCN mag Twitter page.