PSNI PVP Update: BrightSign

Ann Holland, BrightSign

Ann Holland (Image credit: BrightSign)

Ahead of  the 2020 PSNI Global Evolve Marketing Summit, we sat down with the organization's Preferred Vendor Partners to hear about their latest offerings for integrators.

Interview with Ann Holland, Vice President of Marketing, BrightSign.

AVN: Tell us about your latest product.

ANN HOLLAND: BrightSign’s market leading product line has always focused on a line of purpose-built media players with a commercial-grade, proprietary operating system. 

(Image credit: BrightSign)

BrightSign OS 8., with its free Control Cloud platform for real-time connectivity to a network of BrightSign players, was launched in early 2020. The benefits of setting up, monitoring, and updating players using the service ushered in even tighter partnerships with leading digital signage CMS providers. 

Pivoting quickly to help businesses re-open safely during the COVID-19 pandemic, BrightSign introduced BrightLink, BrightMenu, BrightVoice, and the BrightSign/Bluefox Count solutions to enabled safer consumer experiences in retail, restaurants, corporate, and other environments.

AVN: What resources are available to your integrators to market their business?

AH: BrightSign offers an image resource library and a set of video training and other dealer resources. BrightSign’s marketing department is always willing to share any promotional materials we’ve created for our products and services, and our PR department is ready and able to publicize new and interesting digital signage installations. Just ask!

AVN: How can integrators partner with you on case studies?

AH: First, please be sure you have permission from the end customer and access to high-res photography. Permission to use video is great, too! Then just reach out to me at

AVN: What is the number one thing integrators can do to market their business?

AH: At BrightSign, we think PR goes a very long way. Our industry is built on personal relationships. Partnerships and innovation are key. When the word gets out in the industry press about new, impressive installations, an integrator’s business is in the spotlight for all to see.

AVN: How is your company dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic?

AH: BrightSign began preparing for the work-at-home situation before the orders were given. While a small number of us are much more productive from the office, most of our employees have been successfully working from home for many months. 

We have been very busy not only creating, marketing and selling our new solutions, but refining our processes to improve our customer’s experience with BrightSign. Business is ramping back up, our project pipeline is robust and we have plenty of inventory for a successful second half of 2020.

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Katie Makal is the content manager for Systems Contractor News.