Natalie Grant Discusses How Immersive Sound Connects Emotionally in Houses of Worship

Shure and Natalie Grant are setting out to help more worship leaders create reliable audio environments so congregations can more deeply connect to their worship experience. (Image credit: Shure)

Shure has teamed up with Natalie Grant, five-time GMA Dove award-winning Female Vocalist of the Year and nine-time Grammy award-nominated iconic Christian and Gospel musician, to provide worship leaders with the knowledge and audio gear needed to elevate the sound of their worship space so the message can be heard more clearly than ever. 

Grant relies on Shure products to deliver her voice and message to her audience on tour and when she is recording in the studio. She shared, “For years, Shure has supported me in achieving crystal clear audio. No matter the worship space, whether it’s a large arena or my local church, Shure’s vocal mics elevate my voice and the message. Their products are incredibly reliable, and that stability means I never have to worry.”

When choosing the right microphones to pair with their wireless system, audio engineers and worship leaders must consider sound quality, durability, feedback rejection, and handling noise. For Grant and her team, these factors are critical to immersing a congregation in the worship experience, elevating the message through high-quality audio, and deepening the congregation’s connection to the “heart-level.” As Grant shared, “Music is a powerful tool that can help us connect emotionally.”

“I’ve been trusting Shure to deliver crystal-clear audio for pioneering artists like Natalie for many years now,” shared Jay Wright, FOH audio engineer and production manager. “Natalie has been singing into the Shure KSM9 capsule for several years now. It just works perfectly with Natalie’s voice. Her vocal tone and delivery pair so well with the microphone. The vocal doesn’t get overdriven or become “crunchy,” so Natalie can retain clarity without being harsh during even the loudest parts of a song. By pairing the Shure Axient® Digital Wireless System with the KSM9 capsule, our team is able to capture the incredible detail and brilliance of Natalie’s voice no matter where she is standing on stage.”

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Wright continues, “For the band, we’re using the Shure PSM 1000 in-ear monitoring system. For the drum kit, we have a Beta® 52A and a Beta® 91A for the kick, Beta® 98’s for the toms, SM57’s on top and bottom snare, KSM137’s for the Hi-Hat and Ride, and a VP88 for the stereo overhead mic. We are using a KSM32 and an SM57 for electric guitar. And KSM9s and SM58s on all the vocals.”

Together, Grant and Shure are setting out to help more worship leaders create reliable audio environments where congregations can more deeply connect to their worship experiences.

“Natalie’s focus on delivering uninterrupted, immersive worship vocals makes her the natural partner for Shure,” said Ryan Smith, regional manager, Artist Relations Nashville at Shure. Nick Wood, senior wireless category director at Shure, added, “With this collaboration, we are furthering our goal of providing worship leaders with the knowledge they need to make the best investments in audio that will provide their congregations with the most immersive experience.”

To learn more about audio for houses of worship, visit the Shure Houses of Worship homepage and Guide to Choosing the Best Vocal Mics for Houses of Worship.

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