AV Technology Manager's Guide to High Impact Displays

AV Technology Manager’s Guide to High Impact Displays
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28 AV Industry Thought Leaders (opens in new tab) share trends and best practices to help deliver the best high-impact experience.

2 AV/IT Teams: A state-of-the-art LCD upgrade helps Legato Security analysts stay ahead of the latest network threats. | From café to the classroom—students at the University at Buffalo campus experience the latest in LED displays.

9 Case Studies: (opens in new tab) Dazzling signs in Times Square, a reimagined indoor courtyard, a basketball arena, a sportsbook, a corporate lobby, a supermarket chain, a touring media exhibition, a training space, and a real estate showroom.

30 Products (opens in new tab) that deliver a high-impact experience. From LEDs, dvLEDs and micro-LEDs panels to the mounts that support them, the cables that connect them, the devices that distribute the signal, to the media players that serve the content, these products create a digital signage ecosystem.

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The staff of AV Technology serves the community of decision-makers comprising AV/IT technology managers and directors, instructional technologists, and anyone making or influencing AV/IT technology decisions within their respective facilities and institutions.