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Learning to Learn in Cyber Education (The EvoLLLution)

Learning to Learn in Cyber Education (The EvoLLLution)

"The rapidity of technological growth is evolving the way technical courses need to be taught at the collegiate level. Cyber Security and Computer Information Systems’ programs too frequently have been providing a theoretical education where systems are conceptualized, threat actors are imagined, malicious software and attacks are described, and perhaps, students get the opportunity to see and interact with the simulation of these concepts. This sounds good but those students are, generally, being handed the answers and told to memorize, rather than being encouraged to find the answers and apply critical thinking."—Source: xxx

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The framework of metacognition – thinking about thinking, or understanding how we understand concepts – can serve as an entry point for this exciting topic. Cyber education is not the same as on-site education, nor should it be. But we need to adapt our understanding of learning in this new age, and offer the tools, guidance, and structures that support immersive and interactive learning. —Eduwire Editors