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It's Time to Set CISOs Free (EDUCAUSE Review)

It's Time to Set CISOs Free (EDUCAUSE Review)

"Cybersecurity is hard. It is especially hard in higher education. At large universities, we engage in activities and functions that are common in many industries, from banking to law to medicine. As large enterprises, we handle lots of money. We process and store millions of identities. We create valuable intellectual property. We therefore must defend against the same threats as financial services, government, and retail companies. Further, we must protect our information while also supporting a mission and a culture that value privacy, agility, innovation, and autonomy."—Source: EDUCAUSE Review

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This author presents a cogent case for restructuring CISO reporting and streamline institutional cybersecurity. If CISO report to senior campus leadership directly rather than the CIO, it can help boost operational efficiencies for both. —Eduwire Editors