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Examining Our Course Policies (Faculty Focus)

Examining Our Course Policies (Faculty Focus)

"Recent pedagogical interests have me wading through research on multi-tasking and revisiting what’s happening with cheating. In both cases, most of us have policies that prohibit, or in the case of electronic devices, curtail the activity. Evidence of the ineffectiveness of policies in both areas is pretty overwhelming. Lots of students are cheating and using phones in class. Thinking about it, I’m not sure other common policies such as those on attendance, deadlines, and participation are all that stunningly successful either. I’m wondering why and guessing there’s a whole constellation of reasons. "—Source: Faculty Focus

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This article takes a deep dive into the effectiveness of course policies. With many policies related to tech usage, it is important to take note, the wording and tone of some policies make them inherently more effective than other. —Eduwire Editors