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Net-neutrality: Enjoy It While it Lasts

You don’t know it yet, but “Net-neutrality” is the most pressing technology issue in the U.S. For a good ten years, we have been living in a bizarre bandwidth wild west, where phone carriers, cable providers, ISP’s, and content providers have been giving away bandwidth for free to consumers– in an attempt to win market share. Like Netflix? Enjoy the free Netflix streaming while it lasts (“free” from your ISP I mean– you pay Netflix for the movie rental but you don’t pay a penny to your ISP for the massive downloading). This will all end soon– and consumers will be forced to pay for the exact amount of bandwidth they consume, and/or face “slowdowns” of download speed. This will also affect pro AV, IT, and pro Video– as bandwidth-sucking Apps and networks will be forced to pay “speed” fines to carriers and content providers.

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