Net-neutrality: Enjoy It While it Lasts -

Net-neutrality: Enjoy It While it Lasts

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You don’t know it yet, but “Net-neutrality” is the most pressing technology issue in the U.S. For a good ten years, we have been living in a bizarre bandwidth wild west, where phone carriers, cable providers, ISP’s, and content providers have been giving away bandwidth for free to consumers– in an attempt to win market share. Like Netflix? Enjoy the free Netflix streaming while it lasts (“free” from your ISP I mean– you pay Netflix for the movie rental but you don’t pay a penny to your ISP for the massive downloading). This will all end soon– and consumers will be forced to pay for the exact amount of bandwidth they consume, and/or face “slowdowns” of download speed. This will also affect pro AV, IT, and pro Video– as bandwidth-sucking Apps and networks will be forced to pay “speed” fines to carriers and content providers.


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Net Neutrality - Why Do I Care? Why Should You?

On Thursday, December 14, 2017, the Federal Communications Commission voted three to two (3-2) to repeal the rulings protecting net neutrality passed in 2015. Your internal monologue might be asking, “Why do I care?”. Net neutrality impacts everyone’s communications ability, choices, and processes. It impacts your ability to communicate. These impacts are not just personal, but can easily impact business as well.

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SXSW, Net Neutrality, and the Future of Innovation

At SXSW Interactive, it’s impossible to have a Panel session with the title “Remember When the Internet Was Free?” and not have it veer from a look at specific recent policy and market developments into a session involving hand wringing and existential musing on the very nature of the Internet.

Almo and Brawn Consulting

Coming off a very successful Digital Signage Expo a couple months back, where Alan and Jonathan Brawn were highly instrumental in organizing a very interesting DSF (Digital Signage Federation) booth as well as doing extensive digital signage trainings sessions at the DSE, things have been heating up for Brawn Cons