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Full Article152008-12-08

Each week we provide a new link to an innovative new service or application that points to a new landscape for media, advertising, electronic messaging...

(Please send us your links to innovative applications, for consideration for the New Media Spotlight. Post the link and a brief explanation on the "Forum" or "Blog" section of this site, for our editors to consider.)

This week's New Media Spotlight:

New Ad Net Registers With Consumers
Pointer Media Network's in-store service uses purchasing patterns to customize promotions

NEW YORK Armed with two years of purchase data for 80 million individual consumers, Catalina Marketing is this week launching a new in-store ad network called the Pointer Media Network....

read more: Pointer Media Network's in-store.


Symon New Media Players

Symon Communications has announced the general availability of its new Symon Digital Appliance Series of media players.  The SDA Series is an advanced network-manageable product that maximizes the efficiency and flexibility of delivering dynamic digital signage to LCD and plasma screens. SDAs are used for employee and corporate communications, retail, hospitality and gaming, health care, contact center and supply chain, encompassing a wide variety of broadcast content combining Symon’s 27 years of expertise in visual display technology.

New Gefen Media Players

Gefen has announced the availability of two new digital signage media players, expanding the range of solutions it provides for this growing industry segment. Both Digital Signage Media Players with Wi-Fi offer a SMIL (synchronized multimedia integration language)-compliant media player that works with any computer

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Product Spotlight: November 2010

Gepco’s custom panels are made to user specifications in flat, flanged, or chassis configurations and can be ordered blank, preloaded with connectors, or prewired/ harnessed with cable to simplify installation.

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Product Spotlight December 2008

The test of any leading network is whether it can deliver high-definition video and stereo-audio from a single player, over Cat- 5/6/7 cable, to multiple plasma/LCD screens located up to 2,000 feet away. The most comprehensive