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At last month’s InfoComm Sneak Peek virtual event, which is available on demand, Samsung's Linda Braun participated on a panel called “Classroom of the Future” that examined the types of hybrid education tools classrooms need to succeed. Here, Mark Quiroz, vice president, product marketing, Samsung Electronics America, provides additional insights into what digital signage can do to help today’s professors and students.

How has digital signage evolved to meet the needs of campuses since the pandemic began?

Samsung's Mark Quiroz

Mark Quiroz (Image credit: Samsung)

Mark Quiroz: The increased reliance on hybrid learning in recent years has challenged our industry to introduce technology with functionality that enhances learning and can be incorporated seamlessly into existing classrooms and other learning environments.

Education-specific digital signage products such as digital flipcharts and interactive whiteboards have seen remarkable advancements that focus on engaging students regardless of whether they are physically present in the classroom. These updates include increased flexibility and connectivity to accommodate existing infrastructure as well as the capacity to transcribe valuable classroom discussion in real time for instant recaps.

These few examples are just the beginning as we continue to explore this creatively stimulating industry and discover how signage can further contribute to impactful educational experiences.

How have digital signage technologies found their way into the classroom?

Having proven to be a supportive tool for instructors and an interactive learning experience for students, interest in digital signage in the classroom has certainly increased over time, as have its benefits. Even if you eliminate the increased reliance on digital offerings brought on by the pandemic, display technology has long been redefining what interactivity in the classroom can look like. Distraction-less tech that is easy to use, install, and maintain while remaining impactful is more possible than ever for educators. Sparking active learning and increasing student productivity, these technological solutions are leading the next evolution of education technology with their exceptional collaboration tools.

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Samsung Interactive Display Flip 2

Samsung Interactive Display Flip 2  (Image credit: Samsung)

What digital signage collaboration technology is now available for both educators and students?

Samsung’s interactive displays captivate and integrate with leading educational platforms to act as an extension of the classroom and give students and teachers simpler ways to make sure their voices are heard. The Samsung Interactive Display Flip 2 is an intuitive, easy-to-use digital whiteboard that is paving the way for a new era for classroom learning. Its features include immersive touch technology, easy document access/editing and synchronized screen viewing. Helping students learn to work together in new ways, the Flip elevates their learning, engagement, and safety at school through the use of brilliant display technology.

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As classrooms resume in-class lectures, what role do you see digital signage playing in the future?

Whether it’s connecting those miles apart or improving communication in person, digital signage is here to stay both inside and outside the classroom. The possibilities are endless, from video walls to indoor/outdoor interactive displays, with a common goal of creating an environment that fosters creativity and collaboration in today’s schools. Investments in digital technology is an effort toward creating a limitless experience in classrooms—for both students and instructors. In an increasingly hybrid world, signage technology is empowering the education community to take student engagement to the next level.

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