Achieving Fast 4K Video Throughput Using M4300 AV Over IP Switches

For many AV/IT managers, delivering flawless uncompressed 4K video throughout their facility seems as unattainable as striking gold. There are just too many limitations in proprietary AV networks and AV over IP networks running at 10GbE to support uncompressed 4K transport; especially if there is other traffic on the network. 

However, it is possible to attain the AV gold standard without going broke, by using a mix of 10GbE networks. Software Defined Video over Ethernet (SDVoE) encoders and decoders, and M4300-96X Intelligent Switches made by NETGEAR.

 The reason: Unlike competitors’ switches, the NETGEAR M4300 is preconfigured to support AV over IP -- right out of the box.

 For AV/IT managers, this makes the M4300 easy to deploy and rely on in their uncompressed 4K delivery systems. That’s right: When integrated into 10GbE networks using SDVoE encoders/decoders, the M4300 provides the switching intelligence to move 4K signals with zero latency and no stuttering.

The many uses of 1G/10G NETGEAR M4300 switches.

The fact that the M4300 is preconfigured for AV over IP means that there are no custom settings to fight with during installation. This is not true of competitors’ switches.

Should a power blackout occur, the M4300 remains ready to go once the lights come back on – again with no time required to reconfigure the settings. (Just to be safe, the M4300 comes with two redundant power supplies.)

The M4300 comes with another advantage for AV/IT managers: Scalability. It is a modular system that can be expanded from its stock 24 port configuration up to 96 10G ports (or up to 24 40G ports), just by purchasing additional plug-in modules.

As well, the M4300 is the first Ethernet switch with HDMI connectivity built in. Introduced at ISE 2019, these HDMI input/output modules can be easily plugged into the M4300's available ports; just like NETGEAR’s Ethernet port modules can. This eliminates the need for standalone encoders and decoders to connect to in-rack video sources and destinations; saving setup time, rack space, and money.

M4300 switches can also be ‘stacked’ (interconnected together) to support extra inputs/outputs for larger networks. 1G-configured M4300s can even be stacked with 10G models; maximizing flexibility for AV/IT managers.

There are many more details associated with NETGEAR’s M4300 switches. But AV/IT managers simply need to remember that the M4300 can deliver uncompressed 4K video over IP, problem-free. 

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