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RGB Releases Multi Channel Manager Software

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RGB Spectrum has released an application for concurrent control of up to 50 DSx 300 codecs.

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The new Multi Channel Manager (MCM) software provides a single graphical user interface to configure and control the codecs for multi-channel system recording and streaming

Multi Channel Manager is part of RGB Spectrum's new line of DSx H.264 codecs for graphics and HD video. The codec's H.264 high profile compression delivers superior image quality compared to the main and baseline profiles used in most other codecs, to provide an unmatched combination of image quality, performance and feature-rich capability for streaming and recording.

A PC running the MCM software can control up to 50 codecs for streaming, recording or playback. An intuitive graphical user interface with DVD-like controls makes operation fast and easy.

The Multi Channel Manager application synchronizes each of codecs' internal clocks to the same time reference. Timekeeping is synchronized to either the DSx internal clocks or an external (NTS) Network Time Server, so all codecs maintain the same time code.

MCM supports all of the DSx 300 codec's leading edge capabilities, including event marking, variable speed playback, and random access. It is comprised of a Player Control Screen - to execute stream, record, replay, next and previous clip, event mark placement, random access, etc., controlling all of the DSx codecs simultaneously, a Network Monitor screen which activates, identifies and configures individual DSx codecs and reports their operational status, and a Network Manager screen to add and delete DSx codecs from Multi Channel Manager control.

The Multi Channel Manager software provides a solution for integrated, multi-channel streaming, recording, and playback.


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