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Front Porch to Digitize U.N.Proceedings by Virginia Rubey

Eleven years after the U.N. International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda began recording its trial proceedings, the ICTR will migrate its video recordings to high-resolution digital video files. In partnership with Front Porch Digital (FPD), the Tribunal expects to permanently preserve 30,000 hours of footage from the ICTR for Rwanda before the mandate’s scheduled conclusion in December.

  • The Tribunal digitized 10,000 hours of audio files in house between mid-2008 and March 2010. The video footage, which is three times as long, started going digital via FPD in March 2010. The total amount of digital storage required for all ICTR AV materials is approximately one petabyte.
  • The digitization of the ICTR video recordings aims to ensure long-term preservation of, and enhanced archival accessibility to, the audio-visual recordings of the trial proceedings. FPD’s dedication to the development of technical solutions to preserve, manage, and provide access to digital content, renders FPD an asset to the digitization of invaluable video recordings.

FPD recently launched SAMMA v.4 with global local language support (including Unicode support) for all aspects of SAMMA products.