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Content Management Software Update

by David Keene

In conjunction with my presentation “Speed-Dating Digital Signage Content Management Software” on April 28th, as part of the virtual event “Digital Signage 2010”… we’re updating our online Software Comparison Guide (at

Trying to do an overview of digital signage content management software packages–surveying the many companies that publish and market software, comparing a large variety of functions and features, creating check-lists of what to look for in a software package– is too broad a task for any one issue of any one magazine, any one PowerPoint presentation. So this task, providing some roadmaps to help providers, and end-users, select software, is an ongoing effort.

Register to attend at:

And if you’re a publisher of Digital Signage Content Management Software, log on this week, to and go to the Digital Signage Content Management Software Comparison Chart. If you’re a major provider (original publishers of software only, not resellers or distributors) of a software solution, and you’re not represented in the comparison chart, notify me ASAP at to receive a questionnaire for inclusion in the chart.