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Content Management Software Update

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by David Keene

In conjunction with my presentation “Speed-Dating Digital Signage Content Management Software” on April 28th, as part of the virtual event “Digital Signage 2010”… we’re updating our online Software Comparison Guide (at

Trying to do an overview of digital signage content management software packages–surveying the many companies that publish and market software, comparing a large variety of functions and features, creating check-lists of what to look for in a software package– is too broad a task for any one issue of any one magazine, any one PowerPoint presentation. So this task, providing some roadmaps to help providers, and end-users, select software, is an ongoing effort.

Be sure to catch my presentation at 12 noon EST, on April 28, as part of Digital Signage 2010 virtual event. I’ll give an introduction on the formidable task of selecting Content Management Software. Digital Signage 2010 is a one-day event that will take place on April 28, from 10:30am EST to 6 pm EST. It will be conducted exclusively online, and is free of charge.

Register to attend at:

And if you’re a publisher of Digital Signage Content Management Software, log on this week, to and go to the Digital Signage Content Management Software Comparison Chart. If you’re a major provider (original publishers of software only, not resellers or distributors) of a software solution, and you’re not represented in the comparison chart, notify me ASAP at to receive a questionnaire for inclusion in the chart.


Content Management Software Update, Online

David Keene– In conjunction with a special Print supplement to the December issue of Digital Signage magazine, addressing the latest Digital Signage Content Management Software developments, we’re updating our online Software Comparison Guide. Access the Guide here: Click here to access the Guide Trying to do

AVI Content Management Software

Audio/Video Interactive (AVI) has released an entirely new version of its content management software. Not just an upgrade, the new DA Portal has been re-developed from the ground up to provide the industry's best user experience. Coupled with the Digital Associate device, AVI offers a turnkey solution to managing digital signage devices and content right from your personal computer.

Content Management Software Supplement, Online Resource

David Keene- In conjunction with our December print issue special supplement on “Digital Signage Content Management Software”, we’re updating our online Software Comparison Guide. To see the existing Guide: Click here to access the existing online Guide to Digital Signage Content Management Software providers I

iCAT3 Online Content Management Software

When working with advertisements or displays, both small and large DOOH (digital-out-of home) company projects will require a digital signage player that has a user friendly interface, especially if it is a network player rather than a standalone looping player. Caltron’s MP-1080N uses an all-online content management software system to manage the player’s scheduling and playlist of all content for display. The iCAT3 online content management software was designed to manage Caltron’s MP-1080N easily and accurately.

Flypaper Offers Free Trial of Content Creation Software

The need for engaging and affordable digital signage content that goes beyond PowerPoint has been a struggle for the digital signage industry. Flypaper offers an alternative solution by allowing users to create high-quality Flash and video content for digital signage networks without custom programming, big budgets an

Content is Not King

By David Keene At the Digital Signage Expo held February 27-28 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, a special presentation was given by Mike Hiatt, Director In-Store Media Networks, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. Hiatt spoke to a breakfast meeting on the 27th, on “The Past, Present & Future of the Nation’s Leading Retail Media Network.” We’re all familiar with the basic economics of the Wal-Mart phenomenon. Wal-Mart accounts for 6% of Retail and Food sales in the U.S. 90 % of the U.S. population lives within fifteen miles of a Wal-Mart (and there is a trend toward more urban stores; most of U.S. is urban, and already, 65% of Wal-marts are urban/suburban). 80% of the U.S. population shops at Wal-Mart. 140 million people per week shop there, with 100 million transactions per week. (An interesting and perplexing sidebar: more than 10% of Wal-Mart “shoppers” don’t buy anything when they visit the store; it is, for this g