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Smart Phones: Friend or Foe to DOOH?

  • by David Keene

As part of our Digital Signage 2010 virtual trade event that takes place all day tomorrow, April 28th, I’ll be hosting a live Chat, on the role of the mobile phone/smartphone in digital signage. In the 1:45pm (Eastern time) Scheduled Chat: “Mobile Handsets & Smartphones: Opportunity or Threat?”, any attendee can jump into the discussion.

With the mobile/smartphone revolution, be careful what you ask for. Do you really want to plug the mobile handset as the “remote control” for digital signage, and envision a world where literally millions of individuals control content, not you professionals. An executive of a prominent digital signage provider recently told me, “every time I’m out in public, at malls, restaurants, etc, I keep noticing, very few people are looking at the digital signage screens. They’re all looking at their personal screens, their handsets... if we don’t understand this phenomenon, we’re all in for a big shock.”

But despite this fast-moving trend, the mobile revolution still has not taken off to its full potential. This is because of the politics of the cellular carriers in this country (with those behemoths more focused on just winning the telephone market share wars than on new-generation technology), and because many entities feel the privacy issues have not been worked out.

Let’s slug it out tomorrow (Wednesday), in the 1:45pm (Eastern time) Scheduled Chat: “Mobile Handsets & Smartphones: Opportunity or Threat?”. To participate, just attend the Digital Signage 2010 virtual trade event. It will be conducted exclusively online, and is free of charge to all attendees. It will also be available for post-event viewing.

Register, with no charge, to attend, at:

• 12:45pm (Eastern time) Scheduled Chat: Moderator: Margot Douaihy: Media Players– Maybe one of the most ambiguous terms in digital signage. Most end users think they need them. Most equipment manufacturers say they offer one. What do you need? Enterprise-wide, imbedded servers? “Appliances” such as PC’s? Inexpensive “media player” for Flash?

• 3:30pm (Eastern time) Scheduled ChatModerator: Kirsten Nelson: Beyond the flat panel: use of projection in digital signage. While the ubiquitous flat panel is the mainstay of digital signage, when larger screen sizes are needed (like the entire side of a building), or when unusual size screens or needed, projection is great. How much is out there?