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enVu DOOH Ad Platform Launches

  • enVu, an interactive media advertising company based in New York City, has just announced its launch. The media company’s first product, enSpire, uses immersive gestural interactive projection technology to display digital advertising on the floor while engaging consumers within key retail locations primarily in the Top 20 DMAs in the United States.
  • enVu, a wholly-owned subsidiary of STRATACACHE, provides advertisers and brands with the ability to reach consumers at the best locations, at the best time, and in the best frame of mind to influence their purchasing decisions.
  • “Working in digital out-of-home (DOOH) for more than eight years, I’ve been able to regroup some of the most talented, experienced professionals for the enVu team,” said Benjamin Mathieu, enVu CEO. “Our exceptional team and the symbiotic synergy with STRATACACHE will quickly lead enVu into the forefront of the DOOH media space.”
  • The efficient deployment process design by Jimmy Abraham, Vice President of IT and Operations, is permitting enVu to implement 20+ installations per week.
  • “enSpire, which is already active in more than 80 locations, will be in 170 shopping malls by the beginning of November, and will peak at 215 locations during the first quarter of 2011,” Abraham said.
  • Two leading U.S. real estate companies have already entered into agreements with enVu making the enSpire platform their exclusive immersive media experience at retail solution.
  • Shopping malls are a primary location to target customers with advertisements outside of their home. Even during difficult times, mall traffic has remained consistently high. A typical consumer visits a mall 36 times a year with an average visit of 78 minutes.
  • With actual viewership of 1.5 billion consumers per year, enVu will continue to grow by deploying immersive digital networks in various mature advertising environments, reaching 5 billion viewers by 2013. While most mall projection technologies only allow consumers to view an ad changing with animation, enSpire Mall Media 3.0 allows consumers to interact with the advertisement itself.
  • enSpire is strategically located in the apex of the mall, creating a tremendous arena-like effect on the floor. While children or adults interact with the medium, a variety of advertisements and promotions are displayed. Each content loop displays advertisements and promotions separated by local news, sports and weather segments, keeping the medium interesting and catching the eye of each passerby.
  • “The product has proven stopping power where most other video displays are passive,” said Jon Keller, Vice President of Sales. “It redefines the most successful ad platform ever created and takes the consumer digital out-of-home experience to a new level.”
  • While already successful, the company plans to expand. “enVu will become a global player in the digital out-of-home space. Eventually, we will be seen not only in malls, but in other key consumer environments,” said Chris Riegel, enVu Chairman. “And, while the United States is the primary market for enVu, we are already exploring opportunities around the world.”
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