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Bench Test

Premier Mounts President Lee Dodson Finds Common Ground Among Customers And Across Markets SCN: At the start of your career, you were a sergeant and an electronics repair technician in the U.S. Marine Corps while also holding down a civilian job as engineering group leader at Bell & Howell. What revealed

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Laboratory Test

LIVONIA, MI—In cooperation with nearby Botsford Hospital and Garden City Hospital, Schoolcraft College recently completed construction on a Health Professions Simulation Lab (HPSL) in its Biomedical Technology Center.

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Will BYOD Pass the EdTech Test?

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), a component of the consumerization of technology in the business world, refers to the strategy of permitting employees to bring personally owned mobile devices (laptops, tablets, and smart phones) to the workplace with the ability to use those devices to access an organization's privileged information and applications, as well as communicate over the network.