Barco Commits to System Integrators with New VLI Business Unit

  • RANCHO CORDOVA, CA--Barco, announces the formation of the Video & Lighting Integration (VLI) Business Unit, a new global entity purpose-built for system integrators to meet the increasing demand for integrated solutions in the fixed installation marketplace. Simultaneously, within the VLI Business Unit, Barco is creating a new, dedicated worldwide network of channel partners.
  • As a new long-term channel strategy, the VLI unit both enhances and complements Barco’s long-standing expertise in the rental and staging marketplace. Concurrently, VLI will also incorporate all projection requirements for the Corporate AV market segment.
  • VLI’s expansive product portfolio will include projection, image processing, indoor and outdoor LED solutions, creative LED solutions, plus a wealth of lighting and show control products — as provided via Barco’s recent acquisition of Austin-based High End Systems.
  • As an intrinsic part of the VLI unit, Barco’s new worldwide channel partner network will offer significant advantages. In addition to the broad portfolio, VLI channel partners will have exclusive access to Barco’s centralized sales, service and channel support network. This translates directly into one contact point for products, 24/7 technical support, in-house technicians, spare parts, and quick turn-around for repairs. To complete the package, VLI partners will have access to a comprehensive program that includes lead generation, pre- and post-sales support, proposal and project support, training, and marketing resources. The program is backed by Barco’s expertise in the rental and staging marketplace and the strength, experience and dedication of Barco’s worldwide staff.
  • Barco’s most recent project in the VLI market segment is “The Comcast Experience”, located in Philadelphia’s Comcast Center. As the world’s largest four millimeter indoor LED wall, The Comcast Experience is comprised of 6,771 Barco NX-4 LED modules, plus two award-winning Barco image processing products: Encore and DX-700. The project represents the first time that display technology at this scale and quality has been incorporated into the architecture of a building.
  • “Our goal is not only to present a unified organization to our rental partners and system integrators, but to enhance the way that they can partner with us for video and lighting projects,” said Stephan Paridaen, president of Barco’s Media & Entertainment Division. “We are as committed to the new channel as we are committed to our rental partner channel. The new channel for the fixed installations market is directly patterned on our track record of success in the Live Events marketplace.”
  • To learn more about becoming a certified Barco VLI channel partner, please contact Dana Corey, Vice President of Video & Lighting Integration, Barco, N.A., at (916) 859-2500, or via email at