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Turner Broadcasting System Embraces Polycom Telepresence

  • ATLANTA, GA –Polycom announced that Turner Broadcasting System has deployed Polycom telepresence solutions worldwide to improve collaboration among the global network of TBS brands. Polycom immersive, room and personal telepresence solutions are used across business functions allowing TBS employees to work together more effectively and efficiently across distances.
  • “Polycom telepresence is helping us foster better daily collaboration between our globally dispersed brands and improving communication between TBS and other Time Warner operations,” said Dan Darling, CIO, TBS. “The ability for people to work together face-to-face regardless of location is having a profound impact on the way and the speed at which we operate.”
  • One example of improved collaboration is the company’s Emmy-winning Cartoon Network. High definition visual communication is helping the West Coast and East Coast creative centers work together more closely, collaborating face-to-face on a daily basis with immersive telepresence, instead of monthly in-person meetings. In addition to seeing each other and interacting naturally, the California, New York and Atlanta-based teams are able to share animation, video clips and other multimedia content in real time using the Polycom systems.
  • “Telepresence is a strategic technology investment for our company that is being rapidly embraced by our employees,” said Darling. “We selected Polycom for the quality of its immersive telepresence experience, the breadth of its portfolio and because Polycom telepresence systems interoperate seamlessly with existing standards-based video conferencing systems. This allows us to leverage our existing investments in video conferencing and easily connect with video conferencing systems at other Time Warner companies.”
  • Headquartered in Atlanta, Turner Broadcasting has deployed Polycom RealPresence Experience (RPX) immersive telepresence solutions initially in its Atlanta and New York locations, and Burbank, Calif. is on the horizon. The company has also initially deployed more than 100 Polycom HDX room and personal visual communication solutions across its global locations, along with Polycom visual communication infrastructure solutions for multi-party conferencing and video network provisioning and management. TBS is also piloting Polycom’s highly scalable, PC desktop video application, CMA Desktop, to broaden access to visual communication and support corporate teleworking initiatives.
  • “The collaboration challenges TBS faces as a globally dispersed organization are shared by companies of all sizes and across industries,” said Robert Hagerty, chairman and CEO, Polycom. “TBS, Inc. is very progressive in integrating and embracing Polycom visual communication across its business. As a result, the company is already realizing substantial gains in collaboration and productivity, while at the same time reducing costs. TBS is a model for how forward-looking companies can use visual communication to help solve some of the real-world challenges of operating globally.”

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