New Products March 2008

New Products March 2008
  • Hitachi's CP-X807 3LCD projector offers brilliant, crisp images at 5,000 ANSI lumens and a 1000:1 contrast ratio. Ideal for large presentation environments, the 15.8-pound CP-X807 displays images via a 1.2x manual zoom lens, with a throw distance of up to 42.4 feet. Using Hitachi's proprietary PJMan software, the CP-X807 can be remotely controlled and maintained through a LAN connection, providing the ability to control and monitor the projectors remotely. The network functionality also makes it easy to control multiple projectors in different rooms and to monitor for functions such as remaining lamp life.

Draper StageHand

Draper has introduced a handy little tool to save time and money on setup. With the StageHand, you only need one person to set up most folding screens. Using the StageHand to set up a screen is easy. Assemble the folding screen face up on floor, hook StageHand to the frame, then lift. The telescoping StageHand will support the screen while you unfold and lock the legs into their normal position. When you're finished, pull down firmly to remove the StageHand from the screen frame. The StageHand comes in two sizes, to fit either 1 inch folding screen frames or 1.5 inch frames.

Barco LX-5 Projector

Barco has cooperated with JVC on the implementation of JVC's D-ILA technology. The use of JVC's D-ILA technology enables the LX-5 to have a 10 megapixel resolution and unrivaled color accuracy, thanks to the display technology's high contrast capabilities. This allows true, natural black levels and an enhanced color gradience, and helps the LX-5 to create an image quality so natural that it rivals human perception of reality.

Crown 135MA And 160MA Mixer-Amplifiers

Crown's 135MA and 160MA mixer-amplifiers are easily configurable for a variety of uses, including paging, background music, music-on-hold, security use, and safety/evacuation announcements. Each housed in a highly compact half-rack-space chassis, the 135MA is equipped with three inputs and a 35W amplifier output, while the 160MA provides four inputs and a 60W amplifier output. Both models provide priority muting, which can be voice-activated or triggered via an external switch, and are compatible with microphones requiring phantom power.

Da-Lite Mobile Automated Conference Monitor

Da-Lite's Mobile Automated Confidence Monitor, the MPS-ACM, includes a six-foot power cord and a radio frequency remote with a range of 30 feet. The MPS-ACM will work universally with most flat panel monitors and the unique rail mounting system ensures an easy installation for the monitor with the added security of a key operated lock. Heavy-duty five inch casters provide a safe and stable transport of flat panel monitors when navigating uneven surfaces. The nominal height of the top of the monitor is adjustable up to 42-inches.

Lightronics Ellipsoidals

Lightronics has begun offering ellipsoidals to complete your lighting control systems. Lightronics ellipsoidals are available in 10, 19, 26, 36, and 50 degree beam spreads. They are equipped with a high quality optical system with variable focus. The ellipsoidals' housing is made from die-cast aluminum and the handles are insulated. Gel frames and gobo holders are included.

Danley SH-LPM Floor Monitor

Danley Sound Labs' SH-LPM is a compact, low-profile, full-range floor monitor that has the sophisticated looks to fit into any house of worship, commercial theater or performing arts center yet is rugged enough to survive the antics of even the wildest rock band. The large horn mouth offers substantial directivity through 110 degrees of conical dispersion with excellent front-to-back rejection and greater gain before feedback, a critical factor in many stage monitor applications. The SH-LPM is capable of a maximum SPL of 120dB continuous or 123dB program, with a sensitivity of 95dB SPL.

Digidesign Mix Rack

Digidesign's Mix Rack is a powerful new hardware option for the Digidesign VENUE systems that combines all stage, local audio I/O, and DSP processing into a single, compact 11-space rack. With its simplified and lower-priced configuration, Mix Rack is ideal for small- to mid-sized venues, houses of worship, and corporate AV applications. Fully compatible with both D-Show and D-Show Profile, Mix Rack offers the most affordable entry into the state-of-the-art VENUE family. Mix Rack is a one-rack solution that maintains the established hallmarks of the VENUE environment, flexible I/O options, native TDM plug-in processing, Pro Tools integration, and complete show file portability.

Dynacord DSP 260

Dynacord's DSP 260 digital two-in-six sound system manager offers brand new algorithms for the simple construction of active multi-way systems. The DSP 260 was developed with an emphasis on user-friendliness. Twenty-four-bit sigma-delta AD/DA converters and a 32-bit floating-point signal processor offer a dynamic range of 111 dB. In addition to the two analog inputs, a digital stereo input in AES/EBU format is available. A -6 dB pad switch in front of the AD converters offers additional security against overload from mixing desks with very high output levels.

Klark Teknik Square One Splitter

Klark Teknik's Square One Splitter provides a simple solution with a user-friendly, high-performance, Midas XL8-derived pre-amp design, packaged in a 2U, eight channel format. To increase versatility and provide additional value, a third set of transformer-isolated independent outputs are provided. The Square One Splitter also has the ability to function as a 1-16 media split. Audio performance, as with all Klark Teknik units, is of a superlative standard.

Kramer TP-551 And TP-552

Kramer Electronics' TP-551 and TP-552 twisted pair transmitter and receiver for HDMI signals can transmit HDMI signals directly over two Cat 5e cables (Kramer XTP cables are recommended) to up to 200 feet (60 meters) at 1080i without the use of intermediary reclocking devices such as signal repeaters. The TP-551 and TP-552 offer a simple and inexpensive solution for HDMI signal transmission over long distances and are ideal for home theater installations, presentation and multimedia applications, and rental and staging operations.

Mackie SRM450v2 and SRM350v2

Mackie has introduced the next generation of its SRM Series Active loudspeakers. The SRM450v2 and SRM350v2 provide the ultimate in power, clarity, and punch and re-set the bar for performance in the active loudspeaker category. In addition to the renowned active electronics and rugged polypropylene cabinet featured in the originals, the new models feature high-tech Class-D, amplification, and switching power supplies along with a lightweight neodymium woofer and a titanium dome compression driver. The SRM450v2 is 11 pounds lighter than its predecessor and now cast in a distinctive midnight blue enclosure.

Peavey XR 1220

Peavey's XR 1220 console and rack-mountable XR 1212 feature dual 600-watt power amplifiers that can be summed to the main output or used independently to power mains and monitors at 600 watts each. Each standard channel includes an XLR input, as well as a channel insert, gain adjustment, 80 Hz low-cut switch, two monitor sends, EFX send, and low, mid low, mid high and high equalization controls. Two stereo channels feature and RCA inputs, respectively, and XLR inputs. The master section features digital nine-band graphic EQ for both output amplifiers, with a built-in Real-Time Analyzer that analyzes the room and sets the EQ curves automatically when a microphone is connected to its XLR input.

Sabine SWM7000 Series

Sabine's WM7000 Series incorporates their Smart Spectrum technology, that allows up to 70 simultaneous wireless systems to operate with maximum fidelity. And these same 70 channels are globally accepted so the same systems can work anywhere in the world. Smart Spectrum Wireless features long-life rechargeable NiMH batteries and each transmitter has a built-in charger jack. The convenient handheld microphone clip doubles as a charger stand, whenever a handheld mic is in the clip, the battery is recharging.

Shure Wireless Workbench

Shure has upgraded its Wireless Workbench software to include compatibility with Macintosh computers. Wireless Workbench lets users of Shure UHF-R and U-series wireless microphone systems easily configure and control large installations of wireless microphones in performance venues, theaters, meeting facilities, and houses of worship. Like earlier versions of Wireless Workbench, the software can scan the radio frequency environment, identify potential sources of interference, and automatically select operating frequencies that avoid them.

Soundcraft Vi Series

Soundcraft's Vi Series can now support multiple stageboxes. This means that a digital patchbay can be created where the engineer can select the 64 inputs to a Soundcraft Vi6 from a selection of inputs available on any of the connected stageboxes. So, for example, with two stageboxes connected, there are 128 inputs to select from; with three there would be 172, and so on. The Vi Series stagebox is the main input/output interface for the system, with up to 64 mic/line inputs and 32 line outputs available, or AES/EBU digital cards can take the place of mic/line I/Os.

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