rVue DOOH Analytics

  • rVue, Inc., has announced it is providing hosted web-based analytics for digital out-of-home (DOOH) media at no cost. rVue Analytics helps businesses use performance data to improve their marketing campaigns and DOOH networks. With rVue Analytics, businesses can now access proof of performance metrics such as network uptime, Internet connectivity, validation of network locations, playlist measurements and geo-tracking.
  • “Our continued mission is make it easy to plan, purchase and analyze digital place based media by removing barriers to entry through technology and support. By providing DOOH marketers and networks access to powerful analytics, they are able to offer their customers what they want – at no cost. With this knowledge, businesses can create more accurate advertising plans and build stronger networks,” said Jason Kates, CEO of rVue. “By making this powerful service free, we aim to give all networks – large and small – the tools needed to serve their customers, make more money, and improve the DOOH experience for everyone.”
  • rVue Analytics can enhance every aspect of DOOH marketing – from selecting and bidding on effective DOOH networks to optimizing network design. By acting on this information, businesses of all sizes can attract more advertisers, convert more prospects to customers, and improve the overall return on their marketing investment. rVue Analytics is simple enough for businesses new to DOOH analytics to get started quickly, and sophisticated enough for the most advanced DOOH marketers.
  • Highlights of rVue Analytics include:
  • No cost to join or utilize the rVue analytics program
  • Cohesively works with current software and hardware
  • Network dashboards: Integration with the rVue Demand Side Platform (DSP) works with any DOOH network: Users of the rVue DSP can access analytics from a new interface within their rVue account. rVue Analytics automatically tags DOOH destinations to save time and reduce the potential for errors.
  • Buyer reporting dashboards: rVue Analytics tracks the results of marketing campaigns through proof of playlist on a location-by-location basis.
  • rVue Analytics executive summary reports: Developed for the three most common decision makers – executive, marketer, operator– the executive summary will ease access to crucial information across departments.
  • rVue Analytics runs on the same computing infrastructure that powers the rVue.com Demand Side Platform (DSP) so it can support the traffic demands of any network, from those with a few screens to hundreds of thousands. rVue Analytics is currently in use by many of rVue’s top properties and will continually be adding new capabilities and benefits for both sides of the platform.
  • Much like it did with buying advertising for DOOH media, the rVue team developed rVue analytics to make tracking DOOH analytics simpler and more accessible for buyers and DOOH networks. rVue Analytics and online support are available immediately and to both existing accounts within the rVue DSP as well as new clients. Customization or advanced integration is also available from rVue representatives and select rVue service partners.
  • For more information:
  • www.rvue.com

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