VITEC Introduces Video-Streaming Solution for Houses of Worship

VITEC has introduced an integrated streaming solution that bundles VITEC portable encoders and decoders with the Zixi streaming protocol, aimed at helping houses of worship extend their reach across multiple campuses.

  • VITEC’s encoder/decoder combinations with integrated Zixi Stream Protection take advantage of an increase in bandwidth and a decrease in the cost of the public Internet to enable real-time streaming of church services and events over the same Internet services people use at home, according to the company.

VITEC’s portable appliances encode and stream up to 1080p60 HD video combined with video compression for display on large IMAG screens. Integration with Zixi's transport software allows houses of worship to deliver video with no stutter, packet loss, or frame-freeze, regardless of network conditions.

“Many houses of worship around the world have the common goal of using live video streaming to unite worshippers at multiple locations," said Philippe Wetzel, CEO at VITEC. "The challenge is how to deliver a reliable, low-latency, HD-quality video signal economically.

“It used to be that the only way to stream video was through a costly one-way fiber or satellite transmission service. Now, with the VITEC and Zixi integrated streaming bundle, churches have an affordable, reliable alternative that delivers pristine HD video that can truly engage remote audiences as if they were all together at the main campus.”

VITEC/Zixi live-streaming solutions are available in three different bundles to enable point-to-point, bidirectional, and multisite streaming. The point-to-point streaming bundle includes a VITEC encoder and decoder with integrated Zixi Stream Protection for delivery over unmanaged networks. This bundle includes a lifetime Zixi license.

The bidirectional streaming solution includes two sets of VITEC encoders and decoders — one set for each location — and a lifetime license for Zixi Stream Protection. This solution allows low-latency streaming for natural two-way communication and live interaction between the main and satellite campuses.

The multisite distribution bundle consists of a VITEC encoder at the main campus, a VITEC decoder at each of the satellite campuses, and a Zixi Broadcaster platform in the middle. Zixi Broadcaster acts as a central hub that manages, processes, and distributes content in various formats.

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