Panasonic Releases New Digital Signage Offering -

Panasonic Releases New Digital Signage Offering

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Panasonic has introduced the new PLUGTHA-54 Plug-In PC for Panasonic’s professional displays and SLOT 2.0 architecture.

This Intel Core i5 processor-powered PC supports all major digital signage software platforms with multiple zones of content. It was, according to Panasonic, designed "to create an all in one digital signage solution, while providing the flexibility for servicing the PC without dismounting the display from the wall."

“Panasonic worked with leaders in the digital signage software industry and designed the new Plug-In PC to offer the highest performance available in graphics while supporting additional features for content management not found in past PC card options such as Windows 7 OS, built-in Wi-Fi, Ethernet port and a 320GB hard drive”, according to a press relase. “The PLUGTHA-54 is simple to configure, install and maintain and is ideal for running both large and small 24/7 digital signage networks that require high reliability and a clean, all-in-one design. The device simply slides into the SLOT 2.0 architecture built into any Panasonic professional LF Series LCD or PF Series plasma displays.

The Plug-In PC is primarily for digital signage, but is also perfect for driving applications for other uses such as touch panels for wayfinding, customer feedback or games, as well as part of an in-classroom annotation solution.”

The PLUGTHA-54 is available at estimated retail price of $1,500 from authorized Panasonic System Communications Company of North America (PSCNA) flat panel resellers and distributors. It comes with a standard two-year warranty, expandable up to five.

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