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Dynamax Technologies Releases Web Interface Version 4 of POV Digital Signage Software

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Dynamax Technologies announced the introduction and availability of version 4 POV, the whole new ASP.NET web interface version of its market-leading digital signage software application. This latest release offers many new features, enhanced functionality, and increased flexibility and performance for managing the scheduling, distribution, and playback of digital content.

This latest application’s enhanced features and functionality are well suited for handling today’s generation of advanced digital media networks. Dynamax has placed tremendous value on customers’ feedback from the use of POV, much of which has ultimately be incorporated into this final release. The end result being a very solid digital signage software solution, that Dynamax feels both meets and exceeds the dynamic needs of today’s digital signage market.

“With the development and introduction of this latest web interface product, Dynamax extends its expertise and leadership in the digital signage software segment by delivering a rich, full-featured application ideal for managing content on today’s sophisticated digital out-of-home media networks,” said Howard D. Smith, co-founder, director, and chief technology officer (CTO) of Dynamax Technologies Ltd. “Moreover, this latest release represents a significant milestone in the ongoing evolution of the product, and a clear indicator of our deep commitment to providing the most effective digital signage solutions on the market today.”

Dynamax’s flagship POV is an adaptable, full-featured, enterprise-level software system that controls the scheduling, distribution, and playback of digital content to any display device, or any networked array of screens. The product will be available for shipment to customers in Q3 2009, following successful beta trials to ensure quality, performance, and reliability.


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