Epson Shows Off Passionate and Products at InfoComm -

Epson Shows Off Passionate and Products at InfoComm

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On the Residential side, I picked up Epson a year ago, so I know firsthand they make a good product. I’m a big believer that in the slogan, “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” Should this be the case, we’ll all be buying Epson. They’re win my vote for most passionate about their products at the show.

New at the show was the 4000 series (4750w), which was voted best projector under $3,000, but what caught my eye was the new ProG unit which now comes with HDbaseT. This will be a big deal moving forward for projectors installed far away from the rest of the equipment.

Pictured below is the ProG as a corner install and a second picture showing video mapping. (Did you ever imagine such uses for projection?) Epson sees projection mapping for uses such as window displays and retail marketing. For example, instead of mannequins (shown), there could be a white motorcycle that—with the touch of a button—one could change colors getting an exact idea of what it would look like.

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For the fun factor there is interactive projection (by Gesture Tech). This again could be used for interactive gaming and retail. Just think of how long it could keep the kids busy!

The real buzz at Epson is their new BrghtlinkPro, which just launched. If the client already has a white board, just add this unit above and it becomes a smart board! Using the IR Camera in the projection unit and supplied pen, not only can you ‘virtually’ write anything and share anything, you can easily screen capture and email the slide or slides. By incorporating a third-party conference solution, you can even show a dual screen (and again, capture and email that screen). There will be a free app to share from devices (or add an AppleTV directly into the projector and mirror away!)

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The unit does not need to be installed on the wall, but could also be install on a tilted table. Think of the possibilities- drawings, marketing, art, - then capture the screen and you’ll have the session forever. What makes this device most desirable is the price point at $2,999.00.


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Barco's ClickShare Updates BYOD Tech at InfoComm

I like a side of silliness with my AV, so I love the term BYOD. For those of you who have not heard—this is the new coined term for, “Bring Your Own Device,” in the conference room arena. I'm not sure which company or person came up with the slogan, but I like it.

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Kicking Off InfoComm – In Search of 4K

4K will be a hot topic at InfoComm 2013 in Orlando when the show floor opens on Wednesday, but a special 4K session at the InfoComm Projection Summit on Monday kicked off this week’s look at one of the most interesting new stages in the evolution of video projection at the high end.

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Polycom – Playing Well with Others

Polycom wants you to know that they play will with others. RealPresence CloudAXISTM Suite which was just announced will allow you to send a URL link in an email or calendar invitation to anyone with a browser and camera.