Vitex Gains New Patents -

Vitex Gains New Patents

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SAN JOSE, CA--Vitex Systems was granted six new patents recently. These new patent grants bring Vitex's owned or controlled patents to a total of 127.

"As manufacturing continues to shift abroad, specifically to Asia Pacific, global recognition of IP rights becomes an increasingly important issue, so every patent granted is a noteworthy win for us as it reaffirms the protection of our IP," said Vitex's director of sales and marketing, Chyi-Shan Suen. "To this end, it is important that we protect our IP rights not only in places where products are sold, but also where they are made."

The recently granted patents are directed at protecting the unique technology Vitex has developed for edge sealing on OLED displays and other electronic devices, as well as for unique tool apparatus needed for the deposition of the proprietary thin-film encapsulation. The six patent wins comprise two each in Europe and China, and one each in the United States and

While the display market continues to be Vitex's primary focus, the company is applying parallel applications to the rapidly emerging thin-film photovoltaic market, which has a strong need for a low-cost, thin-film encapsulation.



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