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Userful Announces Support for Blackmagic Design

Userful is now providing integration and support for Blackmagic Design's DeckLink Duo, DeckLink Quad, and Intensity Pro 4K capture and playback cards, enabling just a single standard PC to capture multiple real-time SD, HD, or 4k UHD video streams and delivering them over the network onto individual displays or video walls of up to 25 displays.

  • Userful supports Blackmagic Design's DeckLink Duo and DeckLink Quad, as well as the Intensity Pro 4K, enabling AV and IT professionals to easily capture and display over the network multiple inputs of real-time content. These PCIe capture and playback cards, coupled with Userful's appliance software, transform a standard PC into a high performance video wall and AV over IP server, dramatically reducing the cost of deploying video walls and other centrally managed displays.

The Userful Network Video Wall with the DeckLink and Intensity cards eliminates the need for specialized hardware. AV and IT professionals can use a standard PC running Userful software with the appropriate Blackmagic Design capture and playback cards installed. The combination makes for a simple and cost-effective way to capture content from multiple sources onto a single video wall, with displays arranged in any either a grid or mosaic artistic layout, or onto multiple displays within the network.

"Blackmagic is one of the leading cost-effective brands for both consumer 4k capture cards and professional-grade cards," said Tim Griffin, founder and CTO at Userful Corporation. "Userful's plug-and-play supporting for these popular cards frees AV and IT professionals from the need to use expensive proprietary video wall servers and controllers. They now only need an off-the-shelf PC, Blackmagic, and Userful, and their lives are a whole lot simpler and their wallets a whole lot fuller."

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