USAV Expands Preferred Services Provider Program In 2016

USAV Expands Preferred Services Provider Program In 2016

USAV first announced the USAV Preferred Services Provider (PSP) initiative in the fall of 2014. The initiative focused on partnering with companies offering cutting-edge business services to the pro AV industry. USAV PSPs provide USAV Members access to a variety of new business services and solutions that give them additional support as they work to elevate their company’s position and better serve clients.

In the past 18 months the USAV PSP initiative has gained momentum. Now USAV has three PSP partner companies and nearly a dozen focused PSP training sessions on the calendar for 2016.

“As a leadership team, we are continually exploring new ways to provide value to USAV Integrators,” said USAV CEO K.C. Schwarz. “We are pleased that our Integrators find value in the services offered by our PSP, so much so that we have been able to help the PSPs coordinate and promote even more seminars and training sessions with USAV Members this year.”

USAV PSP companies include: Corporate Sales Coaches, Navigate Management Consulting, and Elevate2Lead.

Corporate Sales Coaches is a learning solutions company with a proven track record of helping clients maximize potential. Senior associate, Bob Lobascio, has worked with USAV to create a portfolio of audio-visual dedicated regional sales and sales process training for USAV Integrators. The training combines live workshops and web-based reinforcement for a true learning experience.

“Bob Lobascio did an excellent job presenting the sales material in a way that seemed accessible to everyone in the session. He was quick to spend extra time on topics of interest and remained sensitive to topics that arose dealing with work related issues,” said Chet Neal, vice president at Sound Stage in Winter Park, FL. “Our team found so much value in the insight we gained during the session and the learned methods for more effective communication.”

Navigate Management Consulting specializes in the pro AV industry. Navigate's three partners are seasoned veterans with clients of profit improvement assignments. They address the full spectrum of client needs in marketing, sales, implementation, finance, legal, and human resources. Navigate provides results-oriented consulting, training, coaching, and advisory services. They currently have several training sessions on the calendar for 2016 focusing on the development of future leaders and project managers within USAV Integrator companies.

Elevate2Lead helps executive teams address particularly challenging problems and drive answers to key questions important to organizations. Their unique coaching approach allows them to provide clients with a comprehensive, efficient, and personally impactful program creating clarity in the leadership’s strategy and purpose while lifting organizational performance and profitability to a new level. In 2016 Elevate2Lead is offering a four part Leadership Elevation Program to USAV integrators scheduled to take place in Denver, CO.

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