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UniPixel Ships Touchscreen Production Validation Units

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UniPixel, Inc. has begun shipping production validation units for a 15.6-inch touchscreen with XTouch sensors and Diamond Guard hard coat to a new customer for a retail point-of-sale terminal.

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This new customer develops and sells touchscreens and touchscreen-enabled systems for non-consumer markets such as retail, digital signage, industrial, medical, transportation and others.

“We are pleased to take the initial steps with this new customer to develop a new product with the potential to substantially expand our addressable markets in the coming years,” said Jeff Hawthorne, president and chief executive officer of UniPixel. “In addition to more familiar computing devices, such as laptops, tablets and printers that can utilize our products, we are now being introduced into broad opportunities in the industrial point-of-sale market. This is a large market that will complement the consumer and enterprise products markets into which we currently ship.”

The initial order is currently being evaluated and qualified by the customer. Upon successful qualification, UniPixel expects the product will begin volume production in the second quarter of calendar 2016.


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Zytronic Touchscreens Facilitate Upgrade of Presentation Systems

Zytronic’s customizable touch sensors, utilizing the company’s proprietary Projected Capacitive Technology (PCT), are being applied to a broad spectrum of industry sectors. One of the company’s latest projects has been with Netherlands based Intelligent Lectern Systems (ILS), a developer of audio-visual presentation tools, where a customized PCT-based sensor has been developed for incorporation into the next generation of ILS products.

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San Francisco Airport's Wayfinding Touchscreens

San Francisco International Airport (SFO) services more than 41 million domestic and international travelers annually. The airport is one of the largest in the United States and features 4 terminals with 7 boarding areas. Back in 2012 SFO launched a project to renovate Boarding Area E. As a part of this project SFO chose Omnivex Moxie to create an interactive wayfinding tool in this renovated area that would eliminate the need for various static maps, assist in navigating from terminal to terminal, and provide travelers with the best route to get where they need to go.

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Extron TLI Pro 101 Allows Third-Party Touchscreen Use Within Control Systems

Extron's new TLI Pro 101 TouchLink Interface, which allows a third party touchscreen display to be used as a point of control within an Extron Pro Series control system. This interface includes a scaled HDCP-compliant HDMI input for video preview and the scaled output supports displays from 800x600 to 1920x1200, as well as HDTV 1080p/60. Power over Ethernet - PoE allows the TLI Pro 101 to receive power and communications over a single Ethernet cable, eliminating the need for an additional power supply.