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UniPixel Ships Touchscreen Production Validation Units

UniPixel Ships Touchscreen Production Validation Units
  • UniPixel, Inc. has begun shipping production validation units for a 15.6-inch touchscreen with XTouch sensors and Diamond Guard hard coat to a new customer for a retail point-of-sale terminal.

This new customer develops and sells touchscreens and touchscreen-enabled systems for non-consumer markets such as retail, digital signage, industrial, medical, transportation and others.

“We are pleased to take the initial steps with this new customer to develop a new product with the potential to substantially expand our addressable markets in the coming years,” said Jeff Hawthorne, president and chief executive officer of UniPixel. “In addition to more familiar computing devices, such as laptops, tablets and printers that can utilize our products, we are now being introduced into broad opportunities in the industrial point-of-sale market. This is a large market that will complement the consumer and enterprise products markets into which we currently ship.”

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