Waves Announces New Live Division

  • ANAHEIM, CA--Based on years of creating hardware and software tools that have become a staple of the modern recording studio, Waves Audio announces the formation of the Waves Live Division, a dedicated branch addressing the current and future needs of the live sound market sector. Throughout its history, Waves has brought to market a number of products that have become indispensable components of the live sound signal chain, and with the Waves Live Division, the company now formalizes its commitment to the live sound market, benefiting FOH, Monitor and Live Sound/Recording/Live Broadcast engineers. As part of the Division’s inaugural initiatives, Waves will unveil a new Live Division website (www.waveslive.com), as well as release the
  • D-Show Enabler, making over 50 Waves TDM plug-ins compatible for the live environment.
  • Waves’ history in the live sound market is rich and varied. MaxxBCL was the first Waves product to successfully help deliver the most bass out of PA systems including Line Arrays, and since its introduction over three years ago, it has been used by leading sound companies, improving sound in prominent tours, top live venues, and places of worship around the world. Also, since its release in November 2006, Waves Live Bundle has become one of the most valued processor packages to accompany Digidesign’s Venue consoles. Many of the world’s top FOH engineers – “Big Mick” Hughes (Metallica, Led Zeppelin), Ken “Pooch” Van Druten (Linkin Park, System of a Down), Phil Strong (Kanye West), Cirque du Soleil’s Jonathan Deans and Leon Rothenberg, to name a few – currently use Waves processing in all sectors
  • With the Waves Live Division, Waves continues to introduce new software for live sound, with an in-depth focus on innovative, market-driven product. The advantages of Waves Live tools are plentiful: With Waves, live engineers now have access to the same award-winning plug-ins heard on hit records, major motion pictures, and popular video games the world over. From equalizers, channel strips and reverbs, to effects, compressors and limiters, artists are now able to take their exact same Waves studio settings into a live performance environment.
  • In addition to these benefits, Waves simplifies a live setup by eliminating the need for dozens of pieces of rackmounted gear. Additionally, over the last few years, Waves has earned the reputation for accurately modeling every last nuance of the sound and behavior of the most highly sought-after vintage gear. Now, live engineers can offer these classic sounds without having to track down and haul expensive, fragile original processor units.
  • As part of the new Division’s product initiatives, over 50 of Waves’ most popular plug-ins are now compatible with Digidesign’s D-Show platform, using the new Waves D-Show Enabler. Award-winning Waves TDM plug-in bundles like the SSL 4000 Collection, V-Series, The API Collection, MaxxVolume, and more are now available for use in live sound.
  • With a wide variety of experiences in both live sound and sound design, Asher Bitansky, Waves Director of Business Development, has been appointed by Waves to oversee the business side of the Live Division’s formation. Bitansky will be on hand at Winter NAMM for further information on Waves Live Division. Additionally, hands-on demos of the new live TDM plug-ins will be available at the Digidesign/Venue booth.
  • “Waves has an unwavering commitment to great sound and to offering performers and engineers the tools they need,” stated Gilad Keren, CEO of Waves. “With the Waves Live Division, Waves can now offer more formal, dedicated efforts to serving the needs of this substantial group of professional audio engineers.”

Waves Live...www.waveslive.com

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