Projecting Success– In Unexpected Places

Projecting Success– In Unexpected Places

In the June issue of Digital Signage Magazine, we explore in-depth one of the most interesting aspects of the digital signage and DOOH market: the use video projection in a market that many view as the realm of the flat panel. We had scheduled for the issue an update from Alan Brawn on Video Projection for Digital Signage– Technology, and Applications. Alan does a nice job of reminding us that front and rear projection makes up a significant part of the digital signage industry. But also in this issue check out what’s going on in the Cinema market– it will surprise you if you thought that the big screen inside the movie theater was not the realm of “narrowcasting”.

Even with the increasing sizes of flat panel displays, the use of projectors in digital signage is growing. Alan Brawn points out his favorite application, “Techorating”, using Micro Tiles and other projection technologies that are designed into the décor and interior design– before a space is built out. Techorating may include the use of unusual shapes and downward facing images projected on the floor for artistic effect, or wall washes with video. As Alan points out these are things that projectors can do that flat panels cannot.

Also, significant news in projection for digital signage comes in area of “portable projectors”– a misnomer because these projectors are portable but can also be permanently installed as well.

And who cannot note the spectacular results when projecting with high-lumen projectors like the big guns from the likes of Barco, Christie, or Digital Projection, onto the sides of buildings. Digital Signage, indeed– you can’t miss it.

The commercial movie theater market is obviously another area where video projection thrives. But what does the projection of movies onto the silver screen have to do with digital signage? In my report in this issue, I explain that, aside from the importance of digital signage and DOOH in movie theater lobbies, major industry players are talking about narrowcasting content to the big screens in the movie theaters not just to the smaller screens.

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