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VBrick and Visix Partner to Take Digital Signage Even Further

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LAS VEGAS, NV--VBrick Systems and Visix announced a new partnership. The two firms have jointly created a best-of-breed solution that allows end-users to increase the value of digital signage implementation and extend the reach of digital signage delivery. Under this new collaboration, organizations can utilize VBrick video appliances and video-on-demand servers, combined with Visix Channel players, to easily configure and display dynamic content to digital signage displays, as well as PCs, Macs, set top boxes, and mobile devices.

Announced at NAB 2009, this new solution extends the reach and reduces the cost of digital signage endpoints by eliminating the need for special cabling for the delivery of video. With the combined VBrick-Visix technology offering, digital signage can be distributed across the enterprise in two unique ways:

· Delivering digital signage content as one video stream – an industry first that significantly increases the reach of digital signage content by allowing it to be delivered to a wide range of end devices. Additionally, it breaks down the barriers of distribution by allowing digital signage content to be delivered to all enterprise locations, and even to the Internet via VBrick’s Online Streaming Service (VBoss).

· Using traditional digital signage displays, with the ability to integrate live and on-demand IP in a reliable, scalable, and cost effective manner.

 “We are excited about our partnership with Visix and the breakthrough this is already providing for our joint customers,” said John Shaw, VBrick’s executive vice president. “Through this unique technology combination, end-users now have the flexibility to easily and cost-effectively stream digital signage content to virtually any worldwide location and display device.”

According to Trey Hicks, Visix’s vice president of sales, “The VBrick/Visix solution allows organizations to not only create eye-catching digital signage, but to delivery key information to widely distributed endpoints. With this solution, organizations can enjoy the convenience of environmentally-friendly communication, while motivating employees, improving productivity and enhancing security awareness through timely and visual updates.”

With the combined offering, users can create content using Visix’s extensive, but extremely easy to use, content creation tools. In order to integrate video into a Digital Signage display, the content creators simply need to add the URL of the live video from a VBrick appliance, or the video-on-demand stream from a VBrick Video-on-Demand Server. The Visix Channel Player receives the video and displays it on a plasma or LCD screen. Due to VBrick’s world-renowned reliability and 24x7x365 operation, organizations can be confident that the video will always be available. This reduces the extensive administration costs associated with competing digital signage offerings.

Output from the Channel Player for plasma or LCD screens can also be put into a VBrick appliance. The VBrick appliance then delivers the video as one video stream over the network, allowing it to work with VBrick’s complete Enterprise and Internet distribution capabilities, including VBrick’s EtherneTV system, VBrick Reflectors, and VBrick’s Online Streaming Services (VBoss) managed internet video service offering. Additionally, this allows the video to be delivered to many more endpoints, such as PCs, Macs, Set Top Boxes, and mobile devices. With VBrick’s new High Definition offerings, the high resolution graphics can be retained in the video stream.




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