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Horizon Technology Launches Horizon Display Brand

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LAKE FOREST, CA--Once just the Display Solutions division of Horizon Technology, Horizon Display's recent success and growth has led to the need to brand themselves as a separate business entity. Through supply channels established by Horizon Technology, Horizon Display has positioned itself as the leading provider of large format displays integrated with various touch screen technologies. Several industries have begun to invest heavily in such applications, being as digital out-of-home media has become the hot new way to gain a competitive advantage.

In a recent interview conducted by Horizon Display's Marketing Coordinator Steve Gladden, AV Consultant/Digital Signage Expert Alan Brawn from Brawn Consulting was quoted as saying "The buzz word of the digital signage universe is content but a friend of mine corrected me and said the buzz word should be relevance. In this regard, the most relevant ingredient in the digital signage niche is interactivity. Everywhere we go displays are prompting us to interact. The most recent research shows we are confronted with screens of one type or another 8.5 hours per day! Just imagine not being able to interact with all that information. Interactivity is exploding before our very eyes and fingers and is just a matter of when and not if."

Some expert analysts are expecting more than 30 percent growth in a market often referred to as Interactive Digital Signage, Self Service , or Touch Screen Kiosks. That would bring the Total Area Market to nearly $1 Billion. Horizon Display conducted their own research, and by using a combination of large format display growth rates, and expected adoption rates of interactive media, they reached similar conclusions. In 2010 Horizon foresees the total market exceeding the billion dollar mark.

"If business owners of any degree, whether it's clothing, whether it's a bank, whether it's a grocery store, don't get on the digital signage wave, they're going to be left behind," said Gladden "This movement is similar to the movement of the Internet. This is a new dawn in marketing."

Horizon Display has recently contributed to boosting their own capacity in order to meet the demand they expect to see grow aggressively through 2010 and beyond. Just 18 months after investing in a state-of-the-art integration lab and clean room, they expanded their facilities into a new and larger manufacturing site. The quantum shift towards adding valuable technology to plasma and LCD open frame panels and monitors gave rise to Horizon Display's need for additional integration space.

"We felt the investment was essential to continue delivering on our promise of the fastest inquiry-to-implementation times in the market, as well as ensuring that the quality and ease of use of our products were not compromised," remarked Kurt Johnson, CEO of Horizon Display.

To help better differentiate themselves and to deliver the most impactful message, Horizon Display designed a website with the B2B buyer in mind. The web site will soon include information on market trends, client case studies, video profiles, and a blog for those who prefer social media.

Horizon Display...www.horizondisplay.com


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