Systems Renewal

Systems Renewal
  • BEAUMONT, TX-After over two decades of continuous use, the main sanctuary at the Cathedral Christian Center in Beaumont, TX was due for renovation. Facing the demands of a growing congregation as well as the need for a technological facelift to meet the requirements of modern worship, the church called upon Pensacola, FL-based All Pro Sound to breathe new life into both its audio and lighting systems. Scecon of Portsmouth, VA simultaneously redesigned and installed a stage built to take advantage of the new systems plan.
  • For All Pro Sound, system designer Chad Edwardson and project manager John Paul Holmes worked in conjunction with the electrical contractor, church staff, and Scecon team to complete almost every facet of the project within a time frame falling shorter than the plan called for by almost two weeks.
  • Lying at the heart of the finished sound system are two loudspeaker arrays incorporating eight QSC WideLine-10 enclosures each. Flown at stage left and right, these arrays are buttressed at the low-end by a pair of TH115 subwoofers from Danley Sound Labs residing under the stage. As a final complement, five Tannoy IS-52 fill cabinets join the list of loudspeakers deployed, all of which were recessed into the front of the stage.
  • "Remarkably, there are no other loudspeaker components required for this fan-shaped sanctuary, which has both a gallery and balcony seating," noted All Pro Sound VP John Fuqua. "Based upon calculations determined using EASE mapping, our subsequent installation produced very predictable results. The vertical coverage control and smooth, even, lateral dispersion of the WideLine-10 cabinets work exceptionally well in this environment."
  • The WideLine-10s left a footprint within the sanctuary that didn't interfere with sight lines or any aspect of the lighting rig. With the power to spread a full 140 degrees of horizontal coverage across the sanctuary, each WideLine-10 cabinet in the hanging arrays received PowerLight 3 amplification from QSC along with BASIS 914LZ processing controlled and monitored via software. With installed on a host computer at the FOH mix position, system operators can easily power the entire system on and off and monitor all real-time system functions with just a click of a mouse.
  • Mixing chores in the church are handled by a pair of Allen & Heath consoles, including a model GL4800-48 at FOH and a model GL2400-32 standing in at the monitor position.
  • The audio system has scored high points in terms of both sonic quality and functionality. "The clarity and definition are amazing," said worship leader Brent Sparks. "We really had no idea of what this system was capable of until we heard the difference. We took care to clearly understand Pastor Feldschau's vision for the quality of the finished product. That's what really guided our team to exceed all expectations."
  • "To see the new levels of exuberance these tools have brought to the staff and congregation is even more exciting. This is definitely why we do what we do," Fuqua said.