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PumpTop TV Joins with MovieSet.Com for Content

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PumpTop TV, a nationwide digital media network located at-the-pump, has made a deal with MovieSet.com, a pioneering movie website, to provide content from movies in various states of production - from green light to distribution. Movie fans will be able to witness production location shoots from their favorite big screen titles when they are pumping gas. MovieSet.com allows fans to track a movie’s progress on the web with an interactive social networking environment layered over video showing the actual movie production.

One of the first “production previews” focuses on “King of Fighters,” starring Sean Faris, Will Yun Lee, Maggie Q, Ray Park and Bernice Liu. The movie is directed by Gordon Chan, well-known for directing martial arts movies including “The Medallion” starring Jackie Chan. “King of Fighters” is a stylish, high octane, live-action feature based on the highly successful and acclaimed video game franchise of the same name. The story is based on the last surviving descendants of three legendary clans who are continuously transported to other dimensions to test their martial art skills against an evil force that seeks to invade and infect the real world.

Doug Woo, Executive Vice President of AdtekMedia, the parent company of PumpTop TV, said “The content from MovieSet.com gives the PumpTop TV audience a “first look” at upcoming films that they cannot see anywhere else. MovieSet.com’s bite-sized content fits perfectly with our programming goals – it’s fast, fresh and fun content for people on the go. Movie fans will see a short clip of an upcoming film created during its actual production. Moviegoers will be able to see what an upcoming film will look like, the actors in full character and get a sense of the script’s ambiance. PumpTop TV offers a great way for movie studios to capture an audience when they are not distracted.”

Colleen Nystedt, President and CEO of MovieSet.com agrees, “PumpTop TV expands our reach to fans when they are on the road. MovieSet.com is redefining film marketing, aiming to be the premier online destination for “behind-the-scenes” access to films in production. The addition of PumpTop TV helps deliver targeted metrics to advertisers in exciting new ways. With the advent of MovieSet.com, the relationship between fans, filmmakers, and advertisers, is strengthened like never before. We believe that PumpTop TV will cross reference fans to MovieSet.com and vice versa, every month.”

PumpTop TV just announced a host of new technical enhancements designed to make MovieSet.com content, and its audience of 12 million motorists at service stations nationwide, more compelling. Available on the PumpTop TV network as well as to private network operators, the new capabilities hyper-target consumers and markets via critical criteria such as zip codes, dayparts, in-store sales, and content. PumpTop TV also delivers audiences free of DVR ad-skipping and channel flipping.

PumpTop TV recently announced a joint venture with Outcast, which lets advertisers such as Red Bull, GM and VH1 reach a combined audience of more than 20 million motorists each month on 12,600 screens at service stations and convenience stores nationwide, including 15 of the top DMAs.

PumpTop TV network is owned and operated by AdtekMedia, Inc., an out-of-home digital media provider that combines inventory management and sales tools for out of home ad units and content insertion. The company has partnered with Westinghouse Digital, LCD TV manufacturers in the U.S., to develop and deploy all-weather digital signage hardware that integrates with AdtekMedia’s proprietary network software. AdtekMedia continues to expand the PumpTop TV network into top metropolitan markets throughout the United States. Through the company’s joint venture with Outcast, advertisers can now reach a captive audience of more than 20 million motorists each month on 12,600 screens at service stations and convenience stores nationwide, including 15 of the top DMAs. For more information: www.pumptoptv.com


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