How to Navigate Tradeshows as a Local -

How to Navigate Tradeshows as a Local

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As we all know, every year InfoComm alternates between Orlando and Las Vegas. It would appear convenient that every other year my home residence is about 45 minutes from the Orange County Convention Center (not including parking, see here for details). Due to some strange phenomenon, however, it seems that the closer my home is to the Convention Center, the harder it is to focus energy and attention on the show.

I’ve spoken to others who live in the host cities and the problem seems to be widespread, so it’s not just my own procrastination. It’s just easier to “stop” into the office, send a “quick” quote or (justifiably) schedule your day to avoid meals at the Convention Center. Also, if you attend a party or dinner you’ll claim that you’ve participated in the show even though you missed out on valuable training and networking opportunities. It probably comes down to the amount of skin you have in the game. The time and financial investment to attend the show is obviously much less when it’s on your own turf.

This year I’ve focused on clearing my schedule and taking advantage of having the show so close. So, I recommend bringing your work to the convention center, there’s free Wi-Fi and you can check your laptop bag for just $3.00 (Level One, West Lobby). Cell coverage is great and the Exhibit Hall is so large that it’s easy to find a quiet place to take a call. As far as avoiding eating at the Convention Center... at least locals have the advantage of bringing a bagged lunch.


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Navigating the Edges of the Show Floor

My Father always told me to check out the outside edges of the Trade Show floor, don't only focus on the big flashy stuff in the middle. He's right, if you head straight for the gigantic booths in the center you might miss that next big manufacturer, an upcoming trend as well as a few things that are just plain weird.

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Navigating the Gridlock Before InfoComm '13

First impressions are that InfoComm '13 is BUSY. As soon as you pull onto International Drive you are greeted with Convention gridlock. All signs point to the West Concourse but when you pull in the lot they direct you to the South Concourse parking lot which is about 1 mile away.

Navigating a Virtual Trade Show

David Keene– In preparation for Thursday’s Digital Signage 2011 Virtual Trade Show, I’ve asked Lyle Bunn to let me reprint his excellent Guide on how to maximize your time at an online virtual show–and in particular our event this Thursday. My thanks to Lyle for this excellent guide–and for being a Presenter at th

Registration Opens for InfoComm AV Tradeshow

InfoComm 2011 will feature integrated display, projection, audio, conferencing, lighting and staging, digital signage and communications system solutions, June 15-17, 2011, at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL. Corporations, government agencies and educational, healthcare, and religious institutions

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Navigating Power Alley

Power alley may sound like an ’80s Nintendo racing game, but for modern commercial installers, working around it is a real challenge with no option for a replay.