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Telkom Indonesia Outfitted With RGBlink Video Wall

Telkom Indonesia Outfitted With RGBlink Video Wall

When Telkom Indonesia needed a new Networks Operations Center (NOC), RGBlink Indonesia distributor V2 was contracted to deliver the video wall solution.

Utilising Samsung panels for the display, RGBlink Venus X3 Touch delivers video from multiple computer sources to the video wall display, allowing multiview-style displays as well as capabilities to scale any source to across multiple panels within the video wall, or show video sources in positioned layers.

The Venus X3 is fitted with HDMI inputs, while both output slots are DVI. “The X3 was ideal for this application,” said V2 CEO Rudi Hidayat. “Mostly, the X3 is used for multiviews of operational data by the Telekom, but the X3 has a lot of flexibility in operations, so the client can really adapt and control the video wall display to the situation.”

RGBlink specializes in professional video signal processing, particularly seamless switching, scaling, and advanced dynamic routing. Technology is developed through extensive ongoing investments in research and development by RGBlink.

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