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Digital Signage CMS Webinar Archive

  • Last week’s Digital Signage CMS Webinar, produced by NewBay Media, has been edited for archiving and is now available online. Users can access the archive at the link below.
  • Link:
  • Last week’s Webinar on “The Digital Signage CMS” was not an academic look at the topic, or a SaaS vs. Premised-based analysis. It featured two players who brought a hands-on view of challenges and solutions: Dave Haynes of the Preset Group, and Mike Zmuda of NEC. In fact, the Webinar tomorrow will look at some of the hardware issues surrounding “Software” as well– including technologies such as SMIL and SVG, and a now fast-changing environment where, according to Dave Haynes, “Media Centers and IP-TV capabilities are being built into little boxes (like Apple’s) and right into TVs (Sony and Google TV) and running apps and widgets and gadgets that could easily turn TVs and commercial monitors into what look like pretty typical digital signage network displays.” Dave also addressed“Can you use Flash or not in digital signage apps without licensing? Big gray area and has been for years…”