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Concert Technologies Taps Noventri

  • Concert Technologies, recently deployed Noventri digital signage technology and software as a solution for their corporate communications throughout their facility.
  • Concert Technologies, which is based in Dulles, Virginia, chose Noventri Eco-Series SF-100e digital signage technology and Noventri Suite and Noventri Server software to create corporate messages internally. The signage provides content for training, accountability messages and to create some friendly competition within the call center.
  • “We were pleased with the functionality and pricing,” says Nathaniel Scott, Process and Systems Manager for Concert Technologies. “[We] set it up in a remote office. From [that] office we control what content is displayed. The quality of the image is unmatched and it has served its purpose as the call center has stepped up the quality of their work. We hope to pursue other uses for it.”
  • The Eco-Series SF-100e is a ‘green’, non-PC-based digital signage player manufactured by Noventri. Noventri Suite and Noventri Server digital signage software is included with the player. Since the player uses less than four watts of power per screen, it keeps energy consumption minimal. Also, it is a non-PC technology, which requires no maintenance. It is easy to install and eliminates excessive wires, unsightly boxes and ventilation worries.
  • For information:
  • Concert Technologies ( - specializes in the accelerated deployment of multi-site, multi-service, multi-technology rollouts for government, commercial and international organizations.
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