SeeSaw Networks Opens Technology to Agencies and Networks

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--SeeSaw Networks announced that media agencies and digital video advertising networks can now customize and brand SeeSaw’s Software as a Service (SaaS)-based digital video advertising planning and buying platform. By opening the platform through a new ‘Powered by SeeSaw’ service offering, agencies and networks can create their own customized online service, complete with unique inventory, pricing structures and personalized proposal templates. This is a major step forward in establishing an industry-wide media planning and buying marketplace.

Agencies use the new version of to get access to SeeSaw’s extensive network of place-based digital video affiliates, and extend this footprint with networks they invite into their own system. Using SeeSaw’s technology, agencies generate faster, more accurate proposals, streamline reporting and integrate their own proprietary research and processes for planning, buying and measuring place-based digital media campaigns. This enables agencies to operate with unmatched efficiency by providing consistent media metrics, a common currency and a single proof-of-delivery, while also enabling unprecedented media plan customization across networks.

For the first time, digital video advertising networks can also utilize a branded version of to market their inventory and make it easier for advertisers and agencies to evaluate their network, plan campaigns and buy media. The open platform is the enabling technology that supports the newly launched ‘Powered by SeeSaw,’ a business service that gets both agencies and networks up and running with SeeSaw’s technology platform, while also providing best practices for campaign execution, such as standardized audience metrics and demographic data profiling.

“With its ‘Powered by SeeSaw’ program, SeeSaw has once again pushed the entire industry forward by providing a very cost-effective way to plan, buy and measure place-based digital media with consistent and transparent results,” says Tim Hanlon, executive vice president and managing director of Publicis Groupe’s VivaKi Ventures. “Now both agencies and networks can service their advertising customers with unified measurement, planning and optimization technology and operational excellence.”

“We have created a comprehensive digital video media planning and buying platform that brings unprecedented efficiency and flexibility to our industry,” said Monte Zweben, chairman and co-founder of SeeSaw Networks. “By combining the high quality and reach of SeeSaw’s affiliate network with the ability to adapt the platform with additional networks and intellectual property, we allow both agencies and networks to drive revenue more efficiently, while providing advertisers with the stopping power of digital video advertising.”

In addition to its campaign planning and optimization platform, SeeSaw aggregates more than 40 digital video advertising networks, offering more than 30 categories and delivering over 50 million gross weekly impressions. SeeSaw requires its affiliates to adhere to strict quality standards to ensure each and every campaign is executed at the highest standards for quality, and provides a common currency consistent with the audience metrics guidelines released by the Out-of-Home Video Advertising Bureau (OVAB), trafficking services and proof-of-delivery for campaigns across multiple networks.

Benefits for Media Agencies
By leveraging the new, advanced multi-tenant architecture of, individual agencies use a secure login to gain access to a customized environment where they plan, buy, manage and measure their campaigns using SeeSaw’s unique optimization technology. In addition to using SeeSaw’s extensive inventory, agencies can also upload custom inventory negotiated privately with place-based digital video networks and customize their client communications with personalized proposal templates and proprietary research. With its embedded Life Pattern Marketing methodology and targeting capabilities, SeeSaw’s media planning and buying platform delivers a cost-effective media planning solution. In addition, SeeSaw provides integrated trafficking services, proof of performance reporting across multiple networks, conversion of media assets and API integration between and other applications. With SeeSaw, agencies can create one plan across more than 40 networks, execute one buy, receive one consolidated proof of delivery and receive one invoice.

“SeeSaw has made digital video advertising a truly national medium by making it easy for us to select the right venues, execute an effective campaign and measure our success,” said David Matera, CEO of Digital Hive. “By allowing us to customize the application and brand our proposal templates, we will be able to consolidate information and streamline our processes, enabling us to respond more quickly to the needs of our clients and operate more efficiently on their behalf.”

Benefits for Digital Video Networks
Digital video advertising networks that create a customized and branded environment can securely manage their inventory with the new multi-tenant architecture. Using SeeSaw’s industry-leading campaign planning and optimization technology, they enable their sales force and agency partners to develop custom life pattern-based media plans, improve the targeting of venues for their customers, and manage, track and measure the campaigns more effectively. SeeSaw’s extensible architecture allows networks to include their multi-network properties for complete, centralized planning, while SeeSaw’s open API allows networks to integrate’s capabilities into other business applications.

“SeeSaw’s innovative media planning technology will enable CBS to provide agencies with an easier way to plan, buy and measure their place-based digital advertising campaigns,” said Virginia Cargill, president, CBS Outernet. “The combination of CBS Outernet inventory with SeeSaw’s planning tools gives advertisers an efficient and effective way to target their audiences.”


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