SYMCO NYC Panel: Q&A with Gary Olson, GHO Group

SYMCO NYC Panel: Q&A with Gary Olson, GHO Group
  • Convergence, what have you done for me lately?
  • A lot, evidently, but quantifying it is the hard part. And from what I hear on the AV streets, even with all this fancy new IP-based everything, those IT people are still a challenge to contend with on the client side.
  • So let’s get together and talk about it. Or “tawk” about it, in the local parlance, at the SYMCO Regional Technology Showcases in New York, NY, on October 16. But first, let's catch up with one of the panelists who will be joining me on the User Panel Discussion in NYC.

Meet Gary Olson, GHO Group:

Gary Olson

Some technologists are born, others are made. When did you know you were a tech-head?
I grew up fixing things and was always interested in technology. I have been a technologist my entire professional career.What was the most surprising u-turn or detour you've seen occur in the technology landscape so far in your career?

Tough question, there have been many interesting turns and detours. The current efforts in wearable technology is in flux as the user base is unclear on what it means. Twitter, Foursquare, and other "here-I-am" social technology has unveiled what being connected all the time really means.What is most misunderstood about IT?
Its not just computers and business networks. All connectivity is IT.

Why is FaceTime so much easier than videoconferencing? How do you explain that to users?

FaceTime is a simple app. Everyone who has a phone knows how to use FaceTime. Video conferencing uses dedicated tools and is more complicated to navigate.Free association: What do you think of when you hear "AV"?
AV connotes presentation technology audio and video conferencing smartboard in classroom technology. Also office and home automation.

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