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L-Acoustics Provides Accreditation Through KSE Program

L-Acoustics Provides Accreditation Through KSE Program

Since the introduction of the K Systems Standard in 2008, L-Acoustics has trained over 2,200 technicians in over 270 training sessions worldwide. The manufacturer would like to recognize this accumulated field experience in the trade by providing additional accreditation to highly experienced System Technicians (ST) through the L-Acoustics K Systems Engineer (KSE) Accreditation Program.

The KSE status represents recognition by the industry and peers that the individual has achieved an advanced level of understanding in implementing L-Acoustics systems.

L-Acoustics Touring Application Engineer David Brooks, who was responsible for developing the KSE Accreditation Program, said: “We are thrilled to be able to acknowledge the high level of expertise in the field that L-Acoustics System Technicians have accumulated. Our training program reinforces our support for Rental Network agents and technicians in their continued effort to offer the best service to their clients. We look forward to its continued success.”

To submit candidature, prerequisites include:
* A minimum of five years’ experience in the audio industry
* Following qualification as an ST, applicants must have two or more years of experience on a minimum of one modular and one large-format L-Acoustics line source systems
* An extensive real-world experience and working knowledge of the above mentioned L-Acoustics systems
* Demonstrated fluency in both SOUNDVISION and LA NETWORK MANAGER software

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